Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Home like no other -- Cathy's Homestay, Saud, Pagudpud

I've always had a soft spot for enthusiastic, generous and hardworking people, as I've always found them very admirable. They seem to be the ones who persevere despite the changing times, and of course, despite social status. That's why it wasn't hard for me to really like Mrs. Cathy Respicio -- part-owner of Cathy's Homestay at Saud, Pagudpud. 

The room at the back was our haven for 2 nights. :] (Please pardon my 'bagong gising' look! Lol)

Ate Cathy, as what her guests call her, has been Saud's charm for quite sometime now. She was able to put up her homestay with the help of some of her husband's family members. Business was very slow when they started out. But things started to pick-up through the years.

Ate Cathy asked me to post her permits to help prove that her pension house is legally permitted to operate. :)

Always a text away

One thing that I've found very impressive about Ate Cathy was her efforts. Whenever I would text her, she would always find the time to respond to you at the soonest possible time. And when she promises something to you, she will surely deliver. We didn't have a hard time going to her accommodations since she was always a text away, especially when I would ask her for directions. I didn't even have a hard time paying for our downpayment since her mode of payment was via Cebuano Lhuillier, which was very customer-friendly. :)

Our Accommodations

The room that we availed from her included free breakfast, which we absolutely enjoyed since she was the one cooking the food for us. We were even grateful for our Igado breakfast, since Ate Cathy shared a little something from her mother's death anniversary celebration that morning. She was that generous and thoughtful. :)

What was even more impressive about Ate Cathy's Homestay was that her rooms were well-maintained. There were also several electrical outlets that we were able to utilize simultaneously, since we brought with us three phones and a camera. 

Anyhow, the room that we got was clean and cozy. We had an aircon unit inside the room but didn't have a television, which was fine since we were always out during the day anyway. The bathroom was also impressive as the fixtures were clean. The shower, toilet bowl and sink even looked newly acquired. Although we weren't provided with hot water, we were still able to get by without any. Moreover, our beds were also prepared with (we were given a double and single bed) soft pillows and blankets.

The room was really cozy and the view of the beach from our window was even a plus! And for a price of Php1,000/night, everything at Ate Cathy's definitely spelled HOME! 

If you're thinking about visiting Pagudpud soon, do check-out OR even book your stay at Ate Cathy's! Her rates are very reasonable. Heck! You'll even be impressed with her amenities should you book there (if you're into budget travels/backpacking/etc.). =) Not only that, you'll also get to have a room that's just a few walks to the famous Saud beach.

You can easily reach Ate Cathy through her cell # (63) 909-9444089 or (63) 915-1904905. And should you ever need to be picked up near Saud or Pagudpud Bayan, you can always hire the services of Ate Cathy's brother-in-law, Kuya Raphie Respicio (63929-1462505 or 63905-7256500). He was also our tour guide/tricycle driver when we did the South & North Tour in Pagudpud. Rest assured that you'll be in good hands all the way.

Explores & Be Free!

*Pagudpud was our 2nd stop from our 5-day Ilocos trip. We rode the bus from Laoag to Pagudpud aboard a regular, non-ac bus at the Pagudpud Bus Station. More details about our Laoag adventure here.
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