Monday, August 6, 2012

Fall in-love with Grandpa's Inn in Vigan City

I fell in love with Vigan immediately after setting my eyes on this particular inn -- one that exuded an old-fashioned attractiveness to it. On a cultural perspective, this beautiful lodge displayed classic and antique exteriors, and of decades old yet well-preserved items. It also had that vintage-y smell that was very welcoming to the senses. Rubel and I truly felt like we were being transported back in the 15th century (Spanish time), as we were witnessing all of these remarkable pieces that surrounded us. Grandpa's Inn instantly became our "home away from home." 

The hotel offered a wide range of rooms and packages, from which guests would surely commend on. We got ourselves a fan-cooled room that could accommodate two persons. The room was equipped with a comfy and well-cushioned bed, a pillow for each guest, a  blanket and some fresh towels. It also included a toilet, bath (no hot water), Cable TV and complimentary breakfast

The view from our room wasn't much as the only thing that we could see from our room was just a stretch of street, some houses and Grandpa's Inn's other restaurant (Cafe Uno). But the scenery became more interesting from our vantage point -- as seen from our capiz-embellished wooden window. It simply felt nostalgic!

Grandpa's Inn also depicted a museum-like aura to it, as it also boasted some of the most interesting keepsakes. From vintage telephones, clocks to musical instruments, the hotel definitely kept as in awe for the minutes that followed. 

Even the steep, wooden staircase gave me the shivers! I would always have to watch my every step whenever I would go down this flight of stairs. 

Even the hotel's signature restaurant, Kusina Felicitas offered some of the best Ilocano cuisines. From their prided Bagnet Sisig, Pinakbet and Vigan Longganisa -- one may rethink about never leaving the place for their food. Everything that we've ordered from the menu was affordable and tasty. Our choices were definitely cooked to perfection. It was quite a mouthwatering experience.

For the price of Php980.00 per night, our stay in Grandpa's Inn was certainly worth every cent. Not only was it strategically located to several of Vigan's famous sites (i.e. Burgos Museum, Crisologo Museum, Calle Crisologo, etc.), it was also a 7-10 minutes tricycle ride to the nearest bus terminal. What more can you ask for, right? 

So if you're looking for a place to stay in Vigan or planning on traveling to this renowned city (a UNESCO World Heritage site), then you should definitely book at Grandpa's Inn. You won't regret it! :)

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