Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to rebook a PAL Express flight after a sustained injury

I fractured my right 5th metatarsal last March after attending my niece's graduation. But I only got my foot placed in a cast after Holy week, since I sought a bone specialist for it. My blue, rough, half-calf cast was molded on me last April 1. Given that, I asked my Orthopedic doctor if I could still travel to Tacloban. But he advised that I put it off for now. I was disheartened after I heard his advice, especially when I was already booked to leave on April 22. Then again, I had to divert my disappointment since my health was my first priority. I didn't want to have to travel with a cast anyway, even if I brought my crutches with me. 

The next concern was rebooking my flight with PAL Express, since I could no longer make the trip. So after getting my diagnosis, I immediately contacted the airline. I was then advised to email my concerns.

After that, a reply from the airline company was received a day after. I was advised to have my Physician fill up the Medical Forms that they've attached on the email. So I printed the forms and had those sent over to my doctor. And after securing my medical certificate and PAL Express Medical Forms, I emailed all of my scanned copies to them right away.

On April 22, my request for 'rebooking without charge' was approved. Below are the details of what PAL Express sent me.

I was relieved at some point despite being billed P1,300+ for the fare adjustment. I got Rubel to settle everything on my behalf at PAL's Cubao Ticketing office, while providing him 2 Valid ID's, my ticket and my Authorization Letter. Despite the extra charges incurred, I was still happy that I'll be able to finally push through with my trip to Tacloban. 

Anyway, here's to an injury-free year to me and to us Biyahera's and Biyahero's! Thank you PAL and PAL Express for a hassle-free transaction! :)

What documents to send to airline concerned

1) A scanned copy of your XRAY Films (if relevant)

2) Medical Certificate from Physician

3) Filled-up PAL Express Medical Information Form

4) Airline Itinerary Copy 

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