Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 Health tips on how to stay fit while traveling

It’s good to be in a healthier state, especially when traveling from one destination to another. That’s why it’s best to heed some of the most basic yet important health tips. These 3 pointers will help give you the best defense while you’re on the move. 

The importance of getting vaccinated

Taking your immunization shots prior to a trip would have to be one of the most effective ways in keeping you resistant from all kinds of illnesses. There are plenty of diseases that any traveler can acquire, especially if your immune system is weak. So if you lack some vaccination shots, find the time to consult your physician about it. Moreover, having and bringing your medical insurance and vaccination records when you travel will also be beneficial on your end. This can help cover all your medical expenses, should an unlikely event happen during your trip.

Create you own Travel Medical Kit

One of the best health tips when packing for a trip is by remembering to bring copies of your medical records. Also, bring a good enough supply of medicine. Your medicine should suffice for the whole duration of your vacation. Moreover, prepare your own travel medical kit. Try to pack some of the most common remedies like ibuprofen (painkiller), antihistamines, antibiotic, antacids and alcohol (should be sealed tightly and contained in a 3-ounce size bottle) and bandages. You’ll never know when you’ll run out of these remedies and when the nearest drugstore will be in sight.

Study the coverage of your health insurance

It would always be best to know the scope of your health insurance, in the event that you get really sick during a trip. You may find yourself in a foreign country with different medical procedures. That’s why it’s best to get a heads up on how to tackle such situations.

You can also ensure a smooth travel by asking your medical insurance provider if you will be covered in any region of the world. If there are limitations, ask where you can be recommended in case of an emergency. This at least gives you more time to prepare before journeying off.

How about you? Do share to us your health tips while traveling. :)

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