Thursday, June 13, 2013

2 Essential Health Tips On How To Overcome Jet Lag

An individual’s body clock may get disrupted when encountering different kinds of time zones. This may also result to feeling fatigue -- physically and mentally. Frequent travelers can certainly attest to experiencing getting jet lag after traveling from one destination to the other. So to be able to overcome such distress, take these health tips below to help your body to adapt on both time variances and surroundings.

Keys to fighting jet lag: Rest and Adapt

Traveling long distances may really bring you to experience jet lag, whilst causing you health complications later on. So in order to get over this form of difficulty, make sure to ‘rest’ and to ‘adapt. Rest for a couple of days before doing anything elsewhere. You should also try to make your body to adapt to current sleeping and waking hours in your present location. 

To also help give you a heads up, when you’re journeying off to the west, make sure that you sleep at a later time. But if you’re heading to the east, try to sleep in earlier than your usual bedtime. 

How to further fight jet lag 

There are plenty of ways to fight jet lag. One effective health tip is to drink water 3 times during your flight: before, during and after. This will help keep you hydrated throughout the long haul trip. You should also stay away from alcohol-based drinks, as these would only keep you parched and inebriated. 

Another great health tip is to exercise. You will not be asked to stay confined on your seat for the whole duration of the trip. So instead of just watching movies from your seat, get up and walk inside the aircraft. Stretch those arms and especially your legs to ease off some of the distension. 

How about you? How do you get over your jet lag? 

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