Tuesday, September 3, 2013

OPLAN PALIGO: Help bathe the less fortunate by donating take-home hotel bath essentials

Have you been the kind of person that takes home hotel bath essentials right after a stay? Well, I have. But I'm sure that I'm not the only one who does this. I've actually developed this habit of pocketing unused bath products after staying at an inn. I mean, I've already paid for those. I usually just keep those for a future travel. Then again, I never really get to use any as I always bring my own soap, shampoo, toothpaste and so on. So what happens later on is that I keep all these clutter inside my CR cabinet. But all of that has changed when I learned about my cousin's project. 

My cousin Ate Marj, who happens to be a High School teacher helps out the street children that reside near our Parish. She usually spends time with these kids every Sunday, over a few in-house movies and some afternoon snacks. 

It was only last year when she asked if I had hotel bath essentials that I could give away to her kids. It was also during their Christmas party when I saw her co-teachers/bestfriends segregating all the bath products, which they later on distributed. It was actually a simple yet noble project. And I saw their intentions in a whole new perspective. From then on, I started collecting all that I could bring in from my travels so that I could give it to the kids.

L-R: Ate Marj, my Kuya and her 3 bestfriends. :)

I rarely stay in hotels now. Plus, given the fact that I was injured and on house-arrest for most of the summer. So I've only been able to collect a few bath essentials this year. That's why I would like to tap your help on this specific cause. :)

If you happen to have extra hotel bath products or any kind that can be of use to the street children, then I hope you'll consider handing a few to us. On your behalf, we will give these gifts to those who will make the most out of it, while acknowledging your kind heart of course! :)

We've started collecting again. But if you have bathing goods that you'd like to donate, you can leave a comment here with your name OR simply email me your details at mai.wanderluster@gmail.com with the subject: OPLAN PALIGO. Our pick-up points are at SM North, Trinoma, North Avenue MRT, Mcdo Quezon Avenue-National Bookstore. We can also meet you during the weekend. But if you have other pick-up arrangements that you'd like to discuss, we're open to suggestions. :) 

Oh, and some of you might want to know what you'll be getting in return. Other than helping keep these kids to live a more sanitary life, I'll make sure to update everyone of where and when the goods will be given to. Pictures will also be provided on this blog as proof that the goods have indeed been handed out to the kids and their families (extra bath products will also be donated to a few outreach groups that my cousin helps as well). A list will also be provided, from which we will post and acknowledge your gracious aid. :)

I hope this worthy cause can help bathe more needy kids in our country. I hope you can also help spread the word Biyaheras and Biyaheros! Thank you all in advance. :)

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***THANK YOU FRIENDS FOR GIVING Oplan Paligo SOME OF YOUR COMPLIMENTARY HOTEL BATH ESSENTIALS! These will definitely go a long way! :) ***

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Karl Ace of TuristaTrails.com

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