Monday, February 3, 2014

Food + Travel: Hefty Portions of Authentic Sausages at Treffpunkt

When I saw this deal online (2 years ago), I knew that I had to get it! I know, this post is super late. But it's better late than never, right? Anyway, see for yourself why I had to grab this deal from eBay's Kuponan.

Rubel and I just love eating out (the reason why we keep gaining those extra pounds). And if there's one type of food that he really loves and spends for, then that would be SAUSAGES! We even celebrated one of our anniversary's at Mickey's, Makati mainly for their sausages (I'm just not sure if the establishment is still around). So there's no way that I was going to let this sweet deal slip through my fingers. Not only was it super affordable, Treffpunkt was also one of those quintessential restaurants that offered genuine sausages, german beers and wines. And the best part about discovering Treffpunkt is that it's just in Cubao.

Sausage Display: Schweblig, Italian, Garlic etc.

Sausage Display: Hungarian, Andaway, Beef Krainer, Hotlinks, Bratwurst, etc.

I bought three vouchers and booked this on a weekday, in time for lunch. And when we came into the restaurant, the place immediately gave out a distinct ukay-ukay smell (ukay-ukay is a place where surplus and/or used clothes are being sold). Odd as it was, Treffpunkt had a few clothes lined up by the entrance. And it took us a while to get used to the odor.


Anyhow, I approached the main person behind the counter and handed him the voucher print-outs. And from there, we began with choosing our sausage picks. We started off with two sausages each and asked for some Bratwurst, Italian and Hungarian to be fried. We also ordered a bowl of this really expensive, cold, and sour-tasting potato salad (not included in the package). Anyhow, unlimited bread or rice were also offered. But we decided to go for the hotdog buns instead.

Frying the sausages probably took a while. And when it was served to us, most of the sausages still felt cold within. But since we were so hungry, we barely left anything on our plates. But on our second trip back to the sausage display, we made sure to request for our 2nd batch to be fried to perfection.

Now, we sampled all of the sausages but only three came out as our Treffpunkt favorites: Hungarian, Bratwurst, and Andaway.

Our Sausage Selections -- and of course, our hotdog buns! =)

We gradually felt drowned by both the meat and the oil. So we no longer ordered another batch to be cooked. And while I was resting from all the chewing, the guys went around the restaurant to check out some of the german beer selections. The prices would usually range from P80-120 per bottle (depending on the brand).


Treffpunkt didn't actually impress me when it came to their interiors. Other than the fact that they had old clothes being sold by the entrance, they also had several old couches arranged inside the eatery. I just couldn't figure out what kind of design they wanted to exude (I did not dare ask). Anyhow, I guess their guests wouldn't mind dining in such a setup given how delicious their sausages are. Then again, it would still be nice to dine in a place where some form of upkeep is shown.

Overall, our Treffpunkt experience was well-worth the money and the commute. We're already planning on taking the whole family there as soon as the same deal opens up. I'm sure it would be a lovelier and more interesting experience the next time around.

How about you... Have you tasted some authentic sausages and german drinks at Treffpunkt? Are you a sucker for coupon deals too? Well, the Budget Biyahera sure is! :)

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Treffpunkt is located at 18 Liberty St. cor. Edsa, Cubao Quezon City. 
Contact #s: +(632) 4388194
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday and Holidays 8:00am to 6:00pm
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