LSM Square Residences: A Nice and Reasonably-priced Lodging in Boracay

Rubel was set to leave for work abroad on a September. So we made sure to book a quick getaway to celebrate our advance anniversary, and to also do a sort of despedida for him. We wanted to go the beach, and just have a relaxing time, so going to Boracay was an immediate choice. But since we lacked the time to do any decent research on where to stay, we chose to browse lodging options via Agoda. And after narrowing our selections, we eventually booked LSM Square Residences.

LSM Square Residences was not hard to find, since the building was right along the main road. We already knew that it wasn't a beach front accommodation. But it was still a good choice since it was only a 2-minute walk to the shores of Station 1, and a 10-minute walk to Bulabog Beach. Aside from that, LSM was also close to several convenient stores, so that was a plus for us. We also didn't have a hard time going back to the inn late at night, as the areas that we would pass through were all well-lit.

We were surprised with the room that we booked, as it was spacious and clean. It even had a small balcony where we'd hang our wet clothes after a day at the beach. I also loved that we could fit into one bed, despite having two in the room. We just used the other one to store our clothes and other items. I was just really pleased that our personal space was almost spotless, and smelled good upon check-in.

We also had a bunch of stuff in the room that we were able to use like the refrigerator and cabinet. We also enjoyed browsing through our cable-enabled TV, as we got to watch several of our favorite international shows during the evening. Plus, there's free wifi in the room!

I also loved our bathroom, as it had a shower head that had a consistent flow of hot water. Furthermore, having sliding, glass doors was a great alternative to plastic curtains, as it helped avoid flooding while taking a bath.

Definitely, LSM Square Residences is one of the best and reasonably-priced lodgings in Boracay. We truly enjoyed our stay here, and will surely be staying here again once we find our itchy feet traveling back to Boracay.

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