How to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and back (via Bus & Ferry)

For first-time travelers in Malaysia, going on a road trip from Kuala Lumpur to Penang was quite an adventure. We might have gotten lost along the way. But our modes of transport gave us one heck of an experience!


Rubel and I did an early checkout from Tunes Hotel Downtown KL, so that we could travel to Penang at daybreak. So we rode the next available cab from Tunes, bound for the Puduraya Bus Terminal. Our cab fare only cost us 10 RM (with tip). 

We immediately looked for the stalls that sold bus tickets, and eventually found them at one of the top floors of the building. A particular bus company was recommended to us --- ALISAN Golden Coach --- from which we purchased a one-way bus ticket (Sungai Nibong bound). Each ticket only cost us 38 RM. 

The cozy bus left for Penang before 8 AM clocked in. The travel time by bus from Kuala Lumpur to Penang only took 4 hours (including one stopover).


Our adventure started when we finally reached the Butterworth Terminal. Now, we alighted at the wrong drop-off point, and were told that we were still far from our destination. We were, however, advised by the locals to take the ferry to get to Penang Island. And so we did.

The walk wasn't that far, as a bridge connected the terminal to the ferry. The boat fare only cost us 1.10 RM each, and our travel only lasted for 15-20 minutes. The trip was exciting and relaxing all at the same time. We never really thought that getting lost was something that we'd actually enjoy. 

We also got to admire the scenery, and feel the calmness of the ocean while sailing towards the Penang Port. We also enjoyed our short observation of the many brown jellyfish floating at sea.


We were supposed to take a cab to our accommodations by Lorong Macalister, but no one was picking up passengers by our area for almost an hour. But after much discussion, we finally decided to ride the Rapid Penang bus (paid 1.40 RM each). Of course, we checked if it was bound for KOMTAR before going on board. Thankfully, we got on the right route. And in less than 30 minutes, we finally alighted at KOMTAR bus terminal. From the station, we walked for 10-15 minutes to PEDAL INN.


Rubel and I enjoyed our trip via Alisan, so we booked them again for our trip back to Kuala Lumpur. Their booking office was just a few walks from the KOMTAR bus terminal, so they were easy to locate. Anyway, we also paid the same rate, and also got to enjoy the same facilities (bus had Wi-Fi and a few power pockets). We left as soon as 6:45 AM clocked in.

We didn't get to experience crossing the Penang Bridge, since we alighted at Butterworth on our first day. But we finally did on our way to KL. Before then, we first reached our first stopover, which was at SUNGAI NIBONG. Here, we waited and picked up more passengers. It also wasn't long until we finally left for our final destination.

As usual, we did another stopover by a gas station, 2 hours into the trip. We finally reached Kuala Lumpur at exactly 11 in the morning. But this time, we alighted at KL Sentral.

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