Davao City: Daylight Inn - A no frills, value for money lodging

If given the extra funds when traveling, I would book a hotel where all my comforts will be met. So you can imagine how hesitant I was into booking a room at Daylight Inn, Davao. But since I was following a certain budget, and only needed a place to stay in for one night, I took my chances there. Surprisingly, I had a good experience. They even honored my reservation through text message. So that was a plus for me. By the way, this recount was from last year, January 2014 to be exact.

I've been seeing a lot of great reviews of Daylight Inn (based from conversations with several travel bloggers), so I considered it. So when my trip to Davao was coming to a close, I finally decided to reserve a room from this particular lodging. And when I arrived in Davao on a late flight, I just took a cab towards my accommodation to get there faster. 

I paid the full value of my room upon check-in, which was priced at P250 (the cheapest room there was!). Yes, P250 only! And when I said it was a no-frills, value-for-your-money kind of lodging, it was true to every word.

Grabbed from Daylight Inn's Facebook Page.

My Single Room only had the basics such as a fan and a wash room (no hot water). Plus, my space was just a hop away from the reception area, so the Wi-Fi connection was really strong. My bed was comfortable to sleep in, and the pillows were soft too. Apart from that, my room was also fixed with a wall fan. A thin towel and some toiletries were provided as well. A wooden cabinet and table were also furnished, which I used to store some of my clothes. Windows that were covered with floral-printed curtains were also present.

Daylight Inn also offer rooms that have their own Private Bathrooms. But unlike my space, which only had a washroom, a common bathroom was available for use just right down the hall. Nonetheless, the comfort rooms were always cleaned and maintained.

So if you're looking for a clean and affordable place to stay in Davao for just a short while, consider Daylight Inn. It's also located near Davao's famous Majid's Kabab, which is located at J. Rizal Street.

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*Daylight inn is located along San Pedro St. Taking a taxi is the easiest way to reach the inn. Jeeps Marked with San Pedro will also pass by the inn.

You may reach them through the following:

Phone - 0943-380-7611 / (82) 300-6435
Email - Daylightinn@gmail.com
Facebook - Daylight Inn

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  1. I've been to Davao Miss Mai! And I love the city! I'll try to find this place for my next visit!


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