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Capiz isn't named the "Seafood Capital of the Philippines" just for nothing. It's a must-visit local destination, as the province has a never-ending supply of prawns, mud crabs, and shellfish. You name it, they surely have what you're craving for!

Moreover, seafood is abundant in numerous parts of the province like in:

  • Fishponds that raise bangus (milkfish), tilapia, lukon (prawn), and alimango (crab).
  • Mussel farms that raise tahong (specifically green mussels)
  • Oysters farms
  • Rivers that raise diwal (pacific angel wings)
  • Some beaches that have cagaycay (asiatic hard clams) that can be picked up straight from the shore.

Capiz also has numerous dining spots, some of which offer different versions in terms of how each dish is cooked (steamed, grilled, stewed, fried, dried, smoked or even raw) and prepared. Below are just some of my personal favorites in the region that serve drool-worthy seafood cuisines.

If you're not allergic to seafood, then you're lucky. But for someone like me who’ve been allergic to this type of food since I was little, every sit-down would require a pop of Anti-Histamine pill to alleviate the symptoms. Thanks to Claritin, I survived my 3-day seafood adventure.

Roxas President's Inn

It was quite refreshing to be served a sweet treat in the renowned Roxas President's Inn after going around the city all day. We never got the chance to stay at the hotel, but it made a nice impression nonetheless. The establishment, which took its name after the first Republic President, Manuel A. Roxas, has every room in the lodging named after all the former president's of the Philippines. Interesting, right?

I, for one, loved our afternoon snack of Turon Ala Mode and hot Tablea Tsokolate (hot local chocolate drink). The bitter, sweet taste from our drink balanced the sweetness from our fried banana treat with cereal and chocolate syrup.

NOTE: Roxas President's Inn is located at the corner of Rizal & lopez Jaena St., Roxas City. You can reach them at www.roxaspresidentsinn.com or call (036) 6210208.

San Antonio Resort

Must-try bestsellers at San Antonio Resort:

• The Ensaladang Lato (seaweed) with Salted Egg & Green Mango is a local salad that is tossed with sliced tomatoes, onions and Mango. 
• The Tiger Prawns in Aligue sauce uses crab fat, which is a dish that should be eaten in moderation to avoid high blood pressure. 
• The Capiz Salmon with Tomato Salsa and Jalapeño glaze was a winner, as the side dish and dip complemented each other very well. It was tangy and spicy all at the same time.

NOTE: San Antonio Resort is located at Lawis, Baybay, Roxas City. You can contact them at (036) 621-2076.

Café Terraza & Restaurant

Café Terraza & Restaurant in Roxas City is a personal favorite, as the venue offers a very picturesque view. You'll be able to savor the scenery while eating on the edge of the hilltop when you dine outside. Moreover, the eatery has an iconic CAPIZ logo where guests can take pictures with. 

Must-try bestsellers at Café Terraza & Restaurant:

• The Seafood Kare-Kare is a different take on the usual Philippine stew that uses stewed oxtail and other meat parts (beef stew, pig feet). The restaurant's version, which had slices of squid and shrimp pieces, was surprisingly flavorful. The shrimp paste (bagoong) also complemented the dish so well. 
• The Pork Sisig, which is usually composed of chopped pigs face, ears and pork liver has always been a favorite dish. It's also best paired with rice, and even with beer. 
• The Bangus Sisig is just like its pork version, only that it's made with chopped milkfish. Both sisig dishes were matched with a sweet, garlicky dip. 
• The Grilled Tiger Prawns at Café Terraza were so soft and juicy. Its aroma and overall flavor was simply tasted in every bite.

NOTE: Café Terraza & Restaurant is located at El Circulo Convention Center, Lawaan, Roxas City. You can contact them at (63) 917-3121498 or (63) 939-9271447.

Spanggo Café and Pasalubong Center 

Spanggo Café was by far, my most favorite in all of the restaurants that we tried in Capiz. No matter how full I was from the day's activities, I still couldn't resist getting a taste of their Spanish-Ilonggo dishes, particularly their delicious Cocido.

Must-try bestsellers at Spanggo Café: 

Lola Ita’s Palabok Espesyal is a Spanggo bestseller because of its appetizing toppings such as shrimp, chicharon bits and kamias slices (such an interesting flavor addition). 
Cocido is a traditional chickpea-based stew from Spain that is cooked with beef and vegetables. Their recipe is also seasoned with chorizo. It was just so perfect for the weather back then due to the heavy downpour that afternoon. 
• The Buko Pie is also another bestseller. Spanggo's version, which comes with a delicate streusel crust, is said to be the best one in Capiz.

NOTE: Spanggo Café and Pasalubong Center is located at Rizal Street, Roxas City, Capiz. You can contact them at (036) 522-8848. 

Espacio Verde Resort

Espacio Verde Resort is the complete package. Not only do they have some of the most impressive facilities, they're also the go-to place for social gatherings, as they serve some of the most delicious seafood dishes and more!

Must-try bestsellers at Espacio Verde Resort: 

• The Prawn Thermidore is a definite must-try when in Espacio Verde, as the prawns are stuffed with melted cheese and garlic bits, which is always a to-die-for combination!
• The Binusog na Lukos is a stuffed squid that is also cooked with garlic, basil and cheese.
• The Kinilaw na Pasayan is like ceviche, only that it's served with fresh shrimp.
• The Baked Garlic Crabs no longer need an introduction. It's simply exquisite for both sight and taste.

NOTE: Espacio Verde Resort is located at Dayao, Roxas City. You can contact them at (036) 522-8383.

Maribert Inland Resort

Maribert Inland Resort, which has its own rooms, swimming pools and other amenities, was the farthest restaurant that we went to (an hour away from Roxas City). They also served us some of the most interestingly plated dishes. 

Must-try bestsellers at Maribert Inland Resort: 

• The big, fatty crabs that were served to us were cooked in three different ways: Native Crab, Steamed Crab and Chili-Garlic Sauce.
• The Seafood Sinigang was also a personal favorite due to its sour, and spicy taste. It was a delectable dish that's best paired with steaming, hot rice.

NOTE: Maribert Inland Resort is located at Lantangan, Pontevedra, Capiz. You can contact them at (63) 999-9922023.

Other must-try eats: Breakfast Places

Festa Resto - Must-try: Beef Tapa

NOTE: Festa Resto is located at Pueblo de Panay, Lawaan, Roxas City. You can contact them at (036) 621-6658.

Urban Manor Hotel and Restaurant - Must-try: Crispy Palad (dried fish) and Tocilog

NOTE: Urban Manor Hotel and Restaurant is located at Pueblo de Panay, Lawaan, Roxas City. You can contact them at (036) 522-4018. 

Explore & Be Free!

NOTE: The Familiarization Tour was sponsored and organized by the Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office, in partnership with Las Islas Travel and Tours. The 3-day trip was also conducted from September 27 – 30, 2015, as part of Capiz Tourism Month. 

Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office 
2nd Floor, Provincial Capitol, Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines
Tel: +63(36) 621-0042 loc. 133
Email: capiz.tourism@gmail.com

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