After dark pool party at Aquaventure Atlantis The Palm

My husband and I haven't gone anywhere together since our Singapore family trip. Luckily, our friend MJ won Aquaventure tickets, to which she invited us to enjoy with her. Good thing our schedules were free, so we were able to enjoy an after dark pool party at Aquaventure Atlantis The Palm.

My husband and I have never been inside the ever-popular ocean-themed luxury resort and hotel, so experiencing Aquaventure Atlantis The Palm was a special treat for both of us. We all needed some much-needed unwinding, and the pool party was the perfect escape for us three.

It's already summer here in the UAE, but the wind was still cold when we visited Aquaventure Atlantis The Palm on the last weekend of April. So imagine how we were terribly freezing while gliding on our floaties. I just kept psyching my body (mind over matter) to adjust so that I could survive the breezy night. Thankfully, we didn't get sick afterward (except for MJ). 

There were plenty of people that night, so some of the queues were long. We didn't get to try all the other rides, but we made sure to line up for the major and interesting ones. 

We started with the rapids, which were a lot of fun, before trying the water slides. Shark Attack was actually my least favorite from the water slides. Why? Well, sliding into a pitch dark tunnel for what seemed like forever made me queasy afterward. I had a hard time snapping out of my dizziness, so I excused myself immediately to avoid puking in the water. Sadly, the water coasters were my last that night.

Being the scaredy cat that I am, I didn't try The Leap of Faith anymore. But my husband did, and he enjoyed it! I could see it from his wide smile how much he loved the adrenaline-filled ride. Brave man, right? 

We ended the night with a lot of laughs, all happy and content that we finally experienced the Aquaventure Atlantis The Palm - the region’s No.1 waterpark and marine animal destination. Thank you to my ever-so-generous friend, MJ for letting us come with her on such a fun adventure. Until the next one!

1. While our entrance fees were free of charge, the locker wasn't, so that had to be paid separately. 
2. Towels can be rented at the venue, but you can bring your own to save on costs.
3. Leave your slippers in the locker so you won't have to carry them around in the park.

Explore & Be Free!

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