Bosporus Dubai: Your bridge to Turkey

I'm not much of a morning person. But when my friend invited me for brunch (a prize she won from a contest) at Bosporus, I knew I had to get up early for it. The location was at Jumeirah Beach Residence, so it was almost a 2-hour commute from where I lived (bus then metro). Despite the long travel, I knew I couldn't miss it because the photos of the food spread she sent me were just too enticing to pass up.

The place wasn't hard to find as it was located right beside the Seven Sands restaurant. The walk from the metro to the beachfront was quite bearable too, as it was still wintry at the time of our visit. And given the cool weather, my friend and I chose to dine outdoors where the beach was at a 180-degree view. It was such a lovely setting.

My friend won a hefty Sultan breakfast (priced at no less than 150 Dirhams) from Bosporus. While we were only two people dining, the food spread was quite plentiful, given that it was already good for 4 persons. The Turkish delights were appetizing to the eyes (and palate) too that we had to take some photos before eating. The delectable arrangement and the vibrant colors of the food were so Instagrammable that we couldn’t help but snap a lot of flat lays before digging in.

Breakfast was served with a variety of warm bread, complemented with different types of cheese, dips, and spreads. The choices ranged from yogurt, hummus, Muhammara, fruit jams to Nutella. Also served on our table were hefty servings of Menemen (Turkish-style scrambled eggs cooked in sauteéd vegetables) and Shakshouka (dish of eggs poached in tomato sauce, chili peppers and spices) with a platter of salty beef jerky-like strips and Borek (salty, savory pie with cheese). Pickled olives, fresh garden salad, sliced fruits, as well as dried apricots were part of the menu. And while the beef-jerky strips and Borek were too salty for my taste, I had some hot tea (a Turkish staple) and juice to help cleanse my palate. 

Also worth commending was the staff (a mix of Filipinos and other nationalities). They were always ready to answer our questions, especially when it came to the food that we were eating.

All in all, our breakfast was a unique experience. It made me want to visit Turkey so I could try other authentic Turkish delights. It was nice to have finally tried Bosporus - your bridge to Turkey. Thank you, MJ of Jane Fashion Travels for sharing this sweet and salty treat! 

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