Lakbay Museo: The first-ever interactive Philippine millennial museum in Manila

I was recently invited to the VIP Media Launch of Lakbay Museo, an exclusive preview of a local museum that offered 14 unique experiences from 11 Philippine destinations. Excited as I was to attend, I couldn't since I'm based abroad. Fortunately, a blogger friend agreed to represent my blog for the event. Here's Franco's recount of his fun exploration in Lakbay Museo. 

"I had the pleasure of attending the recent Lakbay Museo media launch held at S Maison in Conrad Hotel, Pasay City. At first, I was hesitant to go since I had a lot of workload and deadlines to meet. Yet here I am, writing to show you this exciting (feast for the eyes) exhibition that I just experienced. 

Cultural traditions evolve over time. Some manage to survive, while others cease to exist. Younger generations might not see the weight of this concern. More so, if you're someone who's gotten so busy taking care of the family and being a slave to the corporate world (or whatever it is that's keeping you busy), that the modern life has completely taken over you. We assume that we already know all there is to know about our Filipino heritage, or so we thought. We tend to believe that it’s no longer important to be reminded of our inheritance, when in fact, there’s still so much to learn. The reality is that our Philippine customs and beliefs have been in the brink of vanishing. Good thing Lakbay Museo was created to help remind us of our fading knowledge of our culture. The local exhibition is an exciting one-stop site where you can immerse in the goodness of our local arts, food, and traditions, all in a fun and color-filled space. 

The media launch started at 2 PM. But due to EDSA traffic, my friend and I arrived an hour late. Nonetheless, we registered our details as soon as we came. We were then greeted by the organizers who gave us some quick reminders and information on what to expect inside the exhibition. 

After the short briefing, they asked us our entrance of choice, as there were three options to choose from: to enter the museum by land, sea or air. You can access the museum through the iconic jeepney (by land), pass through a boat (by sea), or slide down from an airplane (by air). What a cool way to enter the gallery, right? 

I excitedly explored the area as soon as I entered the museum. I was stunned as expected. I couldn’t decide which side of the room to go to first, as it was that overwhelming. Now, the festive songs that were playing in the background was another story. Aside from the eye-catching concepts, you're also guaranteed to move your feet and dance, as Lakbay Museo plays iconic Filipino songs for everyone's enjoyment. The museum employees were dressed in traditional Pinoy costumes as if they traveled back from the past. They also danced in unison to the festive music and would invite guests to dance with them, which I did for a short while. I just really loved the whole vibe. 

Moreover, Lakbay Museo showcases the best of Filipino culture, starting from Luzon all the way to Mindanao. You can experience our Philippine heritage through various displays of indigenous fabrics that were all presented cohesively. 

I also realized that in this modern age where technology has taken over some of our traditions, exploring the museum can be an effective platform for getting the attention of today’s generation. It will surely be a fun learning experience for the youth. 


I liked the market area, which was the first section that we got to see, as it displayed a traditional palengke that supplied classic Filipino delicacies like danggit, tuyo, daing and dilis (among other dried fish varieties). They also installed booths that imitated a local sari-sari store and a karenderia. 

When you turn right from the market, you will find Ilocos' unique fares like their famous empanada and longganisa. In the same area, you'll happen upon some huge bundles of garlic bulbs dangling on strings, as well as displays of Burnayan jars and other Ilocos cuisine. 

On the left side of the market, you will see a long corridor that showcases a lot of Philippine representations. I thought I was transported to Lucban when I saw a replica of a two-story Pahiyas House decorated in colorful, leaf-shaped wafers (kiping). A huge bowl of rice husks, which you can play with and take a photo of, also caught my attention. The rice hulls are artificial, so you won't have to feel guilty about stepping on these. 

Other art installations that fascinated me were the ancient Cagsawa Ruins and the fiery eruption of the Mayon Volcano. I can't imagine it angrily erupting before my very eyes. So seeing this piece of art was both scary and breathtaking at the same time. Also, parallel to the Mayon Volcano was a curtained room that displayed a magnificent structure. You'll be mesmerized by this amazing artwork (it reminded me of the little mermaid) once you open the drapes. But I was slightly confused if the theme was meant to be a forest or the ocean. Nevertheless, I still fell in love with it. 

The last section in the museum was the Mindanao room. It featured native Filipino instruments like the Kulintang, Kudyapi, and Gambal (among other devices). I remembered my MAPE subject back in grade school when I used to memorize these. Unfortunately, Kulintang was the only tool that I easily recognized. 


The museum will not only feed your eyes with a myriad of attractive displays. It will also fill your tummy with flavorful, traditional Philippine cuisine. I was able to buy pansit palabok, turon, and goto using the free ten tokens that were handed to me after registration. 


· The grand opening of Lakbay Museo will be on July 12, 2019. 
· The rate for walk-in guests is PHP799 and PHP699 for bookings made online. 
· There is an early bird promo priced at PHP599. When you book on their website, you can use the promo code “BEEPBEEP100” to avail it (ends July 2). 
· The museum has 14 unique attractions from various regions of the Philippines. 
· Tokens will be provided. You can use these to buy traditional Pinoy food. 
· Most of the materials that were used at the exhibit were recycled waste. 

I realized or was rather reminded that our culture is a distinctive treasure that is both vast and rich. It's something that we shouldn’t set aside and forget because there’s more to it than we thought existed. So kudos to The Millennial Concept Factory Inc. for this wonderful idea of turning waste materials into a wildly fascinating exhibit. This museum journey is the best refresher for people like me who rarely engage with this type of event. 

Lakbay Museo is a platform that offers to educate the younger generation about our Philippine culture and heritage. It's a venue that will allow them to explore our roots in the best and unique way possible. 

Maraming Salamat, Lakbay Museo!" 

Explore & Be Free!
Franco of Lagaw Travelogue

Address: Level 1, S Maison, Marina Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. 
*Google or Waze “Conrad Hotel Marina Way Mall of Asia Complex” 

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