Food + Travel: Vigan cuisine at its finest, only at Kusina Felicitas!

Rubel and I visited Vigan a few weeks ago. And it was a trip that consisted using different modes of transportation. We flew to Laoag for almost an hour. Road the bus from the airport to Laoag city proper. Took the tricycle towards the Partas Station. Then rode a bus that was bound for Vigan, which took 2 hours. We were only able to step foot on the Heritage City of the Philippines at exactly 2 pm -- which was the exact and allowed time for checking-in at our accommodations: Grandpa's Inn. Great timing, right? :)

Since we were really running on empty, Rubel and I no longer wandered off the streets to explore the best restaurants nearby. We just went straight to Grandpa's Inn's signature restaurant, which was Kusina Felicitas.

Now, a brief background on Kusina Felicitas (taken from Grandpa's Inn's website)

"Kusina Felicitas is Grandpa’s Inn’s signature restaurant. The dining hall is walled with the original bricks of the 18th century building wherein painting hang for customers to enjoy and you can actually buy them. The restaurant is also adorned with locally made furnitures, which is one of the industries that made Vigan famous.

Kusina Felicitas serves authentic Ilocano cuisine with a wide array of menu to choose from, the Bagnet, Longanisa, Pinakbet, Bunog (a fish indigenous to the local river), and Ipon (a seasonal fish famous to the Ilocanos). This is the place for a perfect Ilocano gastronomy. 

Kusina Felicitas also offers favorite Filipino and Asian cuisine to supplement the menu. We have selected recipes that satisfy everyone’s palate. 

Kusina Felicitas has two function areas for small meeting and functions, each area can accommodate 50-60 persons."

We were immediately welcomed by the staff upon entering the small yet cozy restaurant. And after a few minutes of browsing through the pages of their menu, we decided to order the following: Bagnet Sisig, Felecitas Fried Rice and Pinakbet (best ordered without the Bagnet). You simply can’t go wrong with this combination. 

Felicitas Fried Rice Php110/order

The Felicitas Fried Rice was good for 3 people. But since Rubel and I were super hungry, we've managed to eat everything that was served to us. The fried rice, which consisted of different ingredients (such as egg, longganisa and carrot), was very delicious. It could even stand alone as an 'ulam' (viand). 

Pinakbet without the Bagnet Php100 

I love eating Pinakbet, but dislike eating the okra pieces. But somehow, when the bagnet less Pinakbet was served to us, I barely noticed the presence of the okra. It was that good! Kusina Felicitas cooked and flavored it so well, that they've succeeded in making me eat those gooey veggies! We were also able to eat everything from the plate. 

Bagnet Sisig Php190

I was able to taste my very first bagnet in one of those nice restaurants in the Teacher's Village area -- Pino Resto Bar. Their version was also as tasty. But the Bagnet from Kusina Felicitas was more of to die for!!!!! I have never tasted bagnet that was crazy good, more so cooked in its sisig version! I'm a sucker for anything that's sisig. :) Their bagnet sisig was presented the Pampango way, while served in a sizzling platter that's topped with crispy pork cracker. 

We were also surprised that we were only billed Php490 for all three viands that we ordered (plus our drinks). It was that affordable! :)

Also, on our second day in Vigan, we were asked which breakfast to order that morning. And since we were given a complimentary meal, Rubel ordered the Longganisa, while I, the tocino. Both were actually really good too. But I preferred the Longganisa better. :)

As of writing, I'm already hoping for some Bagnet and Pinakbet on my plate for dinner tonight. But we all know that's not going to happen. :P At least I'm eating Longganisa and Tocino tonight! Woohoo! :)

Anyway, I've heard about 8065 Bagnet in Makati. Are they serving authentic vigan food too? I'm dying to know!! Let me know, please? :)

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  1. We have Cucina Ilocana in Davao. They have bagnet and it's delicious. I don't know if it's the real Ilocano way of cooking it but it was good. =)

  2. Oh, I should try that one in Davao. Hopefully, I push through with my trip there this August. :) By the way, where is Cucina Ilocana located?

  3. It's at V. Mapa Street here in Davao City :)


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