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Hotel H2O: A marine-themed urban resort in Manila

My beau really ain't the romantic kind. But he's thoughtful and quite generous. And when I do ask him to plan certain events, he would usually go above and beyond with the preps and all. So when I asked him to plan our 5th anniversary last December, I was already looking forward to spending a memorable time with him. And guess what? He made it happen!

I commend Rubel for not peeping a word about his surprise, despite my constant questioning. But he did however mention an overnight stay at a hotel somewhere in Manila. So when that day came, he asked me to meet him for lunch at Mall of Asia after his duty. He was coming from a graveyard shift, so he looked very tired. Nonetheless, his excitement to surprise me gave him that extra boost of energy. 


All of my hotel guesses were a flop (from Microtel to Sofitel), since none of them matched Rubel's surprise to me. He actually told me that there were two stopovers before heading to our final destination. 

Our first stop was Manila's Ocean Park. I got pretty excited for an Ocean Park drop-in since I haven't visited the oceanarium yet. So when we got down the cab, I asked him to take a photo of me in the middle of the Ocean Park and Hotel H2O entrances. But when I was about to enter the O.P. door, he smiled and said that I was going the wrong way --- and then pointed towards Hotel H2O. That's when I started getting all giddy and excited. Finally! An overnight stay in a hotel that I've been eyeing for the longest time!

Hotel H2O was immediately recognized for their Aquarium-themed rooms. So I thought we were staying in one of those. But I loved what we got even more. I was more smitten with the one Rubel booked, over the Aquarium-themed space.


An overnight stay at HOTEL H2O was already a big thing for me. But he wasn't done surprising me yet. He asked that he put a blind-fold on me. But I declined since I was too shy to walk around with a mask on. So he asked me to close my eyes instead. Upon entering the room, Rubel slowly opened the curtains. And from there I saw a gorgeous view of Manila Bay. It was so spectacular, I almost cried.


There was a 37-inch LCD Television mounted on the wall, that had a welcome greeting posted on the screen. It made us feel very at home, considering that the message was very personalized too.


Aside from our LCD Cable TV, our stylish room was also furnished with the following:

- Floor to ceiling glass windows
- Queen-size bed with plush pillows and covers
- Working Desk with lamp and chair
- Pre-stock Mini Bar with complimentary bottled water, soda in can, coffee and tea
- Hot & Cold Rain-shower
- Spacious closet with automatic lighting system
- Safe
- Phone (one in the room and one in the bathroom)
- Telephone Directory
- Fresh towels, laundry bag, bath kit and dental kit
- Mirrors
- Electronic Keycard 


The hotel also had a strong in-room broadband access. But the password was uniquely provided for every separate gadget that was brought in. So my laptop and my phone each had different passwords. Now, the best part about it was that we still had a strong connection wherever we went. The wifi connection wasn't limited to just our room. We still had access even while roaming the hotel grounds. 


We booked our dinner early on at Makan-Makan Restaurant, while roaming around the hotel. It had this Singapore, hawker-but-classier-vibe to it so I was immediately won over by the place. 

There was a fantastic array of food choices ranging from local to international cuisines. So we definitely had a hard time choosing what to eat on our first night. But we eventually ended up ordering a couple of mouthwatering viands, and finished off with a spicy dish of Sambal Squid, Lechon Kawali and Bagoong Rice. *2 Thumbs up for everything!*


Rubel and I weren't tired yet, so we stayed at Club H2O to have coffee. The space was pretty stylish, and was very cozy all together. The chairs looked very futuristic, and were very comfy to sit on. But apart from the the interiors, we also got to hear a two-man acoustic band sing and play current songs that evening.


Aside from our free newspaper the next morning, we were also provided a buffet breakfast. We ate heftily that sunshiney day, while having a great view of Manila Bay. It was a truly refreshing moment.

We were also given each a stub so that we could use the hotel pools during our stay. But we didn't get to use the facility since we didn't feel like swimming at the time.


I love the fact that this marine-themed urban resort has trained some of the most accommodating and courteous staff. They would always greet you whichever part of the hotel you maybe, which made us feel really special.

I actually look forward to staying at HOTEL H2O again, so that I could experience some of their other rooms and facilities. Just thinking about a future stay with them makes me giddy all over again! :P 

How about you? Have you stayed in this eco-friendly hotel?

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