#DubaiEATS Get your Asian fix at Hong Kong Restaurant in Oasis Centre

We recently visited Hong Kong, a food outlet located in Oasis Centre’s food court in Al Quoz. My husband and I had an early dinner here and ordered five delightful Asian dishes. Check out our selections below.

We ordered some Nasi Goreng with chicken (good for 2-3 pax) and loved the tender chicken satay, which was grilled to perfection. I, for one, loved its charred taste. Now, overall, it was a good meal. But I would’ve preferred it with a little more heat, as there was barely any kick to it.

We also tried their Har Gow, which is a traditional Cantonese dumpling served in dim sum. My husband ate all six pieces, as I was allergic to shrimp. Nonetheless, he enjoyed each savory bite of it. 

While the Har Gow was best paired with the usual soy sauce and garlic chili, it was served to us with a different yet interesting type of sauce -- a blended tomato and garlic condiment that surprisingly complimented all the other dishes that we ordered. 

We also ordered their Pad Thai (one of my favorite Thai food) with chicken. Sadly, the Hong Kong food restaurant's version was a little bland for our taste. But what helped put some flavor into the dish was the sauces they served us. The overall dish tasted better when I mixed the Har Gow sauce, and sweet chili sauce into the Pad Thai, which were its saving grace. The serving, by the way, was also good for 2-3 pax.

There was Tom Yum with prawn in the menu, so we made sure to order that as well. This Thai sour soup is a personal favorite, and Hong Kong's version was pleasing to our palate, as it was mildly hot and spicy. It even had a generous amount of prawns and an interesting mix of vegetables, which consisted of mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, and Chinese cabbage. These elements, surprisingly, didn’t affect the overall taste of the Tom Yum soup. 

The Hong Kong Signature Chicken (good for 1-2 pax) is also one of the restaurant's bestsellers. While the battered chicken was tender, the taste of its sauce was a little salty for me. But one thing that balanced it out was the vegetables. I enjoyed the crunch from the bell peppers, as these weren’t overcooked. And the peanuts added an interesting texture into the mix. 

All in all, the dining experience and the food were of approved quality and quantity. It felt like we were dining in a Hong Kong food market. And the staff, especially Ms. Florelyn, was nice and accommodating. She made sure we knew what we were ordering, and that we’d like each one.

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