Take a bite on these tasty handcrafted bagels from Bagel Yard

The first time that I heard about Bagel Yard was when my friend MJ won a contest from them. She wanted to celebrate her win so she took us with her for lunch. And boy, were we in a for a tasty treat!

We loved the interiors of Bagel Yard as it looked modern and artsy. There were literally bagels all over the place. You’ll find varied types of it, along with some plastic plants, hanging on their walls. Now, the place might look a bit small. But it's quite spacious and bright as soon as you enter its doors. You’ll even have the opportunity to watch the crew from the open kitchen on how they make these doughnut-like goodies.

The nice wait staff got us started by choosing from the e-menu. After much deliberation, we ordered different goodies from the list. For starters, I got myself an all-dressed bagel with beef bacon and a fried egg (with Emmental cheese, cream cheese, and tomato), and a cup of hot Spanish Latte (this was oh-so-delicious!). MJ ordered this creamy delight with an all-dressed bagel as well. She also had a Lemon Avocado Smash with Poached Egg sandwich (with rocket, hollandaise sauce, and chives).

Mane also chose an all-dressed bagel for her Lemon Avocado Smash and Fried Egg sandwich (with tomato, sour cream, and chives), which she paired with a hot Chocolate Sea Salt drink (now, this I loved, too!).

We also had an extra order of Bagel Yard’s yummy Cream Cheese and Chives bagel sandwich. We were already so full by the time we were on our extra orders of bagels. But we’ve still managed to finish everything on our plates.

The freshly baked (in a wood-fired oven) and hand-rolled bagels weren’t hard to bite nor chew and were quite flavorsome given the stuff mixed in it.

Bagel Yard is a must-try when you're in Dubai. Make sure to give them a visit when their doors open again. Until then!

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