Enjoy the best sushi (and more) at Sumo Sushi & Bento Dubai

#THROWBACKEATS | After breakfast at Bagel Yard, my friends and I redeemed our Crazy Crunchy Sushi Rolls from Sumo Sushi & Bento's Town Centre branch just by registering on their app (they have plenty of perks and goodies). You should definitely download it.

For drinks, we ordered the Burj 7. It’s mixed with cucumber, apple, kiwi, and strawberry, with hints of orange, lemon, lime, and mint. This fusion truly creates a burst of flavors as big as the Burj Khalifa! While it was sour, we’ve requested some liquified sugar to help sweeten the drink.

On my second visit, I brought the hubby at their Al Garhoud branch near GGICO metro (it’s around a 5-7 minute walk). He also redeemed his free sushi after registering on the app. We were celebrating a milestone, so we ordered a few new dishes to try. He ordered this flavor-packed Japanese curry dish with carrots and potatoes (wish I ordered a separate plate of this), which tasted so good!

I ordered the Princess Roll, which tasted superb as well! We couldn’t help but say positive things about it because it was that flavorsome. Oh, I drool at the very thought of it!

We also downed our food with flavored iced tea drinks, which were also good and refreshing. It tasted legit.

Sumo Sushi & Bento have become one of our favorite Japanese restaurants in Dubai. Before the lockdown, we got to dine one last time at their Healthcare City branch. My husband ordered his usual favorite, while I tried their latest offering of chicken wings, which surprisingly, tasted good. I feel hungry just thinking about their sumptuous dishes. We hope to visit them again soon.

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