Sushi Delivery On Conveyor Belts at Genki Sushi

#ThrowbackEats | This was the first time that I’ve tried Genki Sushi in SM North EDSA, Quezon City. The first thing that I noticed was that the prices were a little expensive. But I had to see what the rave was all about, so on we went.

My brother’s fiancee started ordering through the restaurant’s IPAD device, which provided a convenient way for customers to place an order. The only downside was that we had to repeat our requests because the system bogged down. They had to restart the operation before anyone could place orders again from the electronic menu. But the enjoyable part about it was that it was easy to order from the list (just like ticking a destination from your bucket list!). Once we’ve settled on what we wanted to eat, she pressed the GO button, and off our requests went! 

It wasn’t long until our orders came one-by-one aboard this racecar-like mechanism, which moved through a conveyor belt. It was so cute! We had to fetch our plates right away because the device didn’t stay on the counter that long.

While waiting for our all-salmon and scallop orders, my brother’s fiancee also made herself a DIY Matcha Tea. There was a generous amount of complimentary Matcha tea powder for us to mix on our own. I also liked the concept of a faucet tap set up on the edge of our table, which dispensed boiling water for the drink. How innovative, right?

Our Sashimi orders - from our sushi platter to our fried salmon rice bowls - were winners! Genki Sushi served everything fresh and tasty. Plus, the scallops sushi was exquisite at every bite! 

The bill was shocking, but at least the food was worth it. I would definitely come back and dine with them again.

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*Dine-in experience was in September 2019 during my recent trip to the Philippines.

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