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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Food + Travel: Vigan cuisine at its finest, only at Kusina Felicitas!

March 03, 2013 3
Rubel and I visited Vigan a few weeks ago. And it was a trip that consisted using different modes of transportation. We flew to Laoag for almost an hour. Road the bus from the airport to Laoag city proper. Took the tricycle towards the Partas Station. Then rode a bus that was bound for Vigan, which took 2 hours. We were only able to step foot on the Heritage City of the Philippines at exactly 2 pm -- which was the exact and allowed time for checking-in at our accommodations: Grandpa's Inn. Great timing, right? :)

Since we were really running on empty, Rubel and I no longer wandered off the streets to explore the best restaurants nearby. We just went straight to Grandpa's Inn's signature restaurant, which was Kusina Felicitas.

Now, a brief background on Kusina Felicitas (taken from Grandpa's Inn's website)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fall in-love with Grandpa's Inn in Vigan City

August 06, 2012 60
I fell in love with Vigan immediately after setting my eyes on this particular inn -- one that exuded an old-fashioned attractiveness to it. On a cultural perspective, this beautiful lodge displayed classic and antique exteriors, and of decades old yet well-preserved items. It also had that vintage-y smell that was very welcoming to the senses. Rubel and I truly felt like we were being transported back in the 15th century (Spanish time), as we were witnessing all of these remarkable pieces that surrounded us. Grandpa's Inn instantly became our "home away from home."