Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Awesome Turista Photo Entry!

Hey Biyahera's and Biyahero's!

Check out TURISTA MAGAZINE on Facebook, and have a chance to shine! Post a picture of you on your favorite beach found in the Philippines (with a brief explanation why) and get a chance to be published on Turista's next issue! They will be choosing three, so good luck guys!

Here's to my awesome entry! =)

Explore & Be Free!



Violy said...

aha! makasali nga.. hehe.. thanks for this info!! and welcome to FBW!! ;)

budget_biyahera said...

Thanks Violy! I added your website's url to my blog na. =)

Nortehanon said...

Great shot! And what makes it more interesting is that it is a family picture. I hope your photo gets published. Good luck!

budget_biyahera said...

I hope so too Nortehanon! Thanks for visiting my humble abode. =)