Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why i L♥VE La Mesa Ecopark

I once visited The La Mesa Watershed and Ecopark with Rubel's family. And believe me, I was awe-stricken! Who would've thought that an eco-friendly park was just a drive away? I am a QC resident, so it was a treat for someone like me to get the opportunity to experience a park that was just so near to me.

The park, which spans 33 hectares, lies within the famous La Mesa Watershed. The park keeps the watershed off-limits (taking pictures and videos of the watershed aren't even allowed), so that they would be able to fully protect the reservoir. It is in fact, the major source of drinking water for most of Metro Manila's residents. So it's just right to keep it preserved this way.

Moreover, the La Mesa Ecopark has become a popular destination for those who love to do short outings and picnics. A park that offered outdoor recreation for both kids and adults, the ecopark has also been recognized for being a great alternative to malls and nearby urban resorts. 

Now, there are also several activities that you can do in the ecopark such as:

1) Swimming - This was the first thing that I grew excited about when we walked down the trail towards the watershed. But unfortunate for us, we didn't get the chance to go swimming in the saltwater pool as it was already overcrowded (this was open for the public to use). All I  was left to do was to look at all the mayhem.. *lol*

2) Boating - The kids were too busy playing by the picnic area, so we didn't get to ask them if they wanted to go boating at the lagoon. But we also found out later that day that they had to close the area for a while since repairs were being done.

3) Camping - One that I should try next time, if I get the guts to! =)

4) Fishing - Fishing was also allowed in the ecopark, but we were too lazy to even try it out. Besides, we brought some of our own catch that we got to feast on that day.

5) Exercise venue - If you're the fitness buff, then you should definitely try the Petron Fitness and Mountain Bike Trail. You will be able to see a few exercise stations in this area. Heck, you can even rent a few bicycles here!

They also offered a few of their nice facilities like:

1) The Lopez Picnic Grounds - There were a lot of picnic areas to choose from, and a lot of grills to go around as well. But since we came there a bit late during the day, we've only managed to get a spot that had neither chairs nor tables for use. It was a weekend so you could only imagine the number of people who flocked into the park to get a piece of the action. Lucky for us, we found a good shade underneath these big old trees (we were near the playground too so the kids couldn't complain).

2) Butterfly Trail and Hatchery - We didn't get to see this part of the ecopark anymore. But I'll make sure to drop-by this area on my next visit. 

3) Horse Rides - The kids loved their short tour, while riding the non-stop-peeing horse! =))

4) Orchidarium - Rubel and I were also able to go around and take photos of the orchids. The different shades of orchids were picturesque! 

You can also hang out by the Shell Flower Terraces, as this dam wall was converted into hectares of flower terraces. It's a perfect spot where beautiful pictures can also be taken. Apart from that, you can also try their paintball field, or even their zipline if you still have time to go around the park.

Of course, your trip to the watershed will not be complete without this certain 'climb'. So if you're up for an exercise challenge, try climbing the stairs up to the dam. Believe me, the climb is worth it when you see how beautiful and serene the waters flowed inside the reservoir. It was a DAMn good sight! =)) 

Anyway, feel like seeing the park for yourself? Click here to find out what the ecopark has in store for your future visit. A road map is also provided to make your journey a smoother one. Rates for the pavilion, park, and other amenities can also be found here

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