Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to fill-up a BDO Payment Slip for Cebu Pacific transactions

If you booked your flight/s with Cebu Pacific via their website, then you've probably chosen either of their three payment options. You can choose to pay (1) through your credit card, (2) through Bancnet, (3) or Over-The-Counter.

Now, I've usually used the first payment option. But when I no longer had any credit card to use, I would resort to the last mode of payment --- and that's to pay through Banco De Oro (amongst other alternatives). But it was just a few days ago that I stumbled upon a somewhat perplexing question: what details do I put on the BDO slip? Cebu Pacific didn't provide a set of handy instructions for this certain matter.

So I had to google it, in hopes that I will not go into a BDO bank oblivious of what to write. But unfortunately, I didn't find any valuable information to my rescue. And so, I just approached the bank teller for further instructions, with a copy of my confirmation #.

Here's what was instructed of me:

1) PRINT or NOTE down the confirmation number (you'll see this on the flight itinerary).
2) Ask the bank teller for the ORANGE Payment Slip, as you won't find this in any of their slip/brochure counters (I don't know what those are called).

3) When you get a copy of the orange slip, Look for the COMPANY NAME on the top portion of the document, and then write down: CEBU PACIFIC.
4) The next line that you should fill-up would be the Subscriber's Account No. Write the confirmation number on that portion.
5) After that, write your name or the passenger's name who's registered on the flight on the SUBSCRIBER'S NAME.
6) When you're done, write the AMOUNT (this should be your plane ticket's total fare), as well as the cash payment breakdown.

The teller will also ask you to write your contact number on the payment slip. After that, your payment will be processed. And that's it! It's as simple as that.

Anyway, hope this step-by-step process of how to fill-up a BDO Payment Slip for Cebu Pacific, will help you with one of your future transactions with Cebu Pacific.

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