Sunday, April 22, 2012

An African Revelation - Cirque Mother Africa!

As you all know, I've recently been a part of an African adventure -- an African cultural show that is. I know that some of my readers have left wonderful messages, bidding me a pleasant travel to Africa, and to take lots of photos from my international trip (special mention to Patricia, Mrs. Kolca, and Philip). I had fun but I didn't get to take that many photos of the show itself (I was prohibited from doing so).

As I've said, I really didn't go to Africa. I was just invited to watch a show that would feature much of the continent's arts and culture. I recently won a Twitter contest that was sponsored by SOLAR's 2nd Avenue, and they gave away 2 tickets to 10 winners each. And what was given to me were 2 Premiere Left tickets to CIRQUE MOTHER AFRICA. Yes, I had front row seats, and we loved the view!

Banner taken from Ticketworld

On to the show then!

Cirque Mother Africa had its first showing last April 19 -- a 2-hour show that also had a 20-minute intermission. The show was supposed to start at 8 PM but we probably waited a few minutes more before we were allowed entry to Resorts World's Newport Performing Arts Theater. And due to some technical difficulties, we were advised that they will be starting in 15 minutes. Unfortunate for us, they only started to raise the curtains at around 9:30-9:45 PM.

Our African guests really tried to make up for the delay. Anyway, the Cirque Mother Africa group was composed of both male and female performers. Almost all of the ladies knew how to do their acrobatic tricks, and also knew how to sing and dance. The guys on the other hand were also as remarkable. Most of the performers had us up our seats with some of their mind-boggling acts. 

Also, Cirque Mother Africa was more like an African variety show. Their music, songs and chants may have not been well understood by the audience. But their dance and circus acts made quite an impression. 

But as far as the show went, I only had a few favorites. 

My first and second favorite's would be the two ladies who played with a few colorful mats, while balancing each other's bodies alternately; and the two well-built guys who made each other their own personal swinging poles. I really don't know the right terms or descriptions for these performers but their acts were totally insane!

My third favorite would have to be the guy who had to balance himself using only a board that was placed on top of four rolling cans. His act was to balance himself from these cans! I was actually panicking for him while he was up on the board!

The fourth and most memorable act for me would be the contortionist. I first saw him from when he sampled his flexible moves on Umagang Kay Ganda. The guy looked like he had no bones to him! He could even make his lower body to do a 360 turn without even flinching! And the good part about his act was he was really playful with the crowd.

From Umagang Kay Ganda

Now, the fifth favorite would be the whole group's rendition of Shakira's "Waka-Waka". I loved it so much that I found myself singing along with them! 

Taken using my half-hidden iTouch (I was afraid of getting caught the second time!) 

Overall, the 2-hour show was just about the right mix. I actually had high expectations of the show since they labeled it as the Cirque Du Soleil of Africa. But it failed to 'wow' me all the way. There were even a few dragging moments that had me yawning from boredom. 

But if you still want to catch the show tomorrow, make sure not to get your hopes up. Don't get me wrong though, as it's still a worthy investment. And it wouldn't be a waste of time to watch it either. They are in fact performing for a good cause, which is very remarkable. 

Anyway, I would love to hear about your thoughts on the show, if and when you do watch Cirque Mother Africa. I'm all eyes and ears! =)

Explore & Be Free, 

P.S. Most of the photos that I've attached were taken as screen shots from this Cirque Mother Africa's Official Website and from my handy dandy iTouch4.

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