Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seeing the world through others eyes

I recently read through the comments of those who wanted to join World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship. Sadly, I came upon this confirmation that I am no longer eligible to join. A professional writer of any sort (travel writer or otherwise) won't be allowed to apply, especially if 25% of their income comes from writing.

All along I thought that I was exempted since I was writing for a different niche. Well, I already wrote my contribution. But instead of deleting it completely from the system, I decided to just post my entry here instead. In that way, I still get to share my story.

Anyway, the topic that I picked out was 'Seeing The World Through Others Eyes'. Enjoy!

I’ve always dreamt about becoming a flight attendant. And I always knew that through this profession that I'd be able to fulfill my dream to see the world. I started my journey towards this dream. I’ve had my share of triumphs and have also been rejected without further reason to it. 

Some of my friends have already been given their wings as cabin crew. And it's through their photos that I'm able to indulge myself with all of their global tales. I've grown envious of their photos, as I’ve witnessed every symbol of the world being shown right before my eyes. 

Their separate trips to Moscow have made me want to experience the beauty of the Kremlin, and not just to see the dazzling lights of the historical structure on their portraits. 

I hunger for those cycling tours in Berlin, in hopes that I would have the same chance at getting those few snapshots of the Brandenburg Gate as my background.

I pine for the same sentiments of getting different religious inspirations from the monks of Kathmandu, or to experience the same pathway as Mother Teresa walked on during her days in Calcutta.

I desire to feel the same excitement that's discernible from their eyes when they’ve finally seen the dancing lights of the Eiffel Tower during their 24-hour layover.

I want to feel the rush of my blood when I see a sprint of wild animals during a safari adventure in Kenya. Or to find myself interacting with real kangaroo’s in Australia, just like they have.

I crave to be kissed by the sun's golden rays while on a Maldives beach, and speak about how I’ve come to see the beauty of this paradise in just half a day.

These endless pictures of the world have given me both life and hope. I’ve also realized that no matter how envious I got of my friends journeys, that I would always tell myself that I was placed on this path for a greater purpose. 

I believe that there is life in traveling. And I will continue to breathe it, see it, and feel it, through other people’s journeys, until my moment comes.

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