Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Visa What?" Countries that Filipinos can visit without a visa

If you're a Budget Biyahera (or Biyahero) and a certified Filipino citizen just like me, then you should definitely check this list of countries that will allow you entry without getting any visa/s (for tourist visit only). Of course, you will still need a Philippine passport that is valid for six months beyond your date of entry.

Asia / ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

  • Brunei Darussalam - 14 days
  • Cambodia - 21 days
  • Indonesia - 30 days
  • Laos - 30 days
  • Malaysia - 30 days (you should at least have 500USD pocket money)
  • Singapore - 30 days
  • Thailand - 30 days
  • Vietnam - 21 days


  • Azerbaijan - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Taiwan - 30 days if holding a valid visa for Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Schengen countries, United Kingdom or United States. 
  • Georgia – 90 days visa issued upon arrival, 360 days visa free to those who have temporary residence of Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait
  • Hong Kong - 14 days
  • India - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Iran - 15 days visa issued upon arrival if holding an e-visa pre-approval code obtained via email from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at
  • Israel - 90 days (3 months)
  • South Korea (if arriving at Jeju Island only) - 30 days
  • Macau - 30 days
  • Maldives - 30 days visa issued upon arrival, extension of maximum 90 days is possible by paying MVR 750
  • Mongolia - 21 days
  • Nepal - 15/30/90 days visa issued upon arrival for around US$25/40/100
  • Sri Lanka - 30 days visa obtain upon arrival if holding Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). 
  • Timor-Leste - 30 days single entry visa issued upon arrival for around US$30, extension is possible up to 90 days


  • Cook Islands - 31 days
  • Fiji - 120 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival and can be extended
  • Marshall Islands - 30 days visa issued upon arrival and can be extended
  • Micronesia - 30 days
  • Niue - 30 days
  • Palau - 30 days visa issued upon arrival, additional USD 50 for extension
  • Samoa - 60 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival
  • Tuvalu - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Vanuatu - 30 days


  • Burundi – 1 month visa issued upon arrival
  • Cape Verde Islands – visa issued upon arrival around £ 25
  • Comoros – visa issued upon arrival
  • Djibouti – 1 month visa issued upon arrival
  • Gambia – visa issued upon arrival
  • Kenya - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for US$50
  • Madagascar - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for MGA140,000
  • Morocco - 90 days
  • Mozambique - 30 days visa issued upon arrival. Extension of 30 days is possible around USD 66
  • Saint Helena - visa issued upon arrival
  • Seychelles – 1 month Visitor’s Permit issued upon arrival if holding return ticket, sufficient funds (minimum USD150 per day of stay, and proof of accommodation)
  • Tanzania - visa issued upon arrival for around USD50 to USD200
  • Togo - 7 days visa issued upon arrival if with return ticket, 3 passport photos, and yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Uganda - visa issued upon arrival for US$50
  • Zambia - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for USD 50/80/160 single/double/multiple entry

North America

  • Costa Rica - 30 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival
  • Dominica - 21 days
  • Haiti - 90 days
  • Nicaragua - 90 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Saint Lucia – 6 weeks Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Turks and Caicos Islands - 30 days

South America

  • Bolivia - 90 days
  • Brazil - 90 days
  • Colombia - 90 days
  • Ecuador - 90 days
  • Peru - 183 days
  • Suriname - 90 days


  • Kosovo - 90 days

Here you go travel bugs! Pick your visa-free destination and ride away to the horizon!

Explore & Be Free!

Note: Much of the sources were taken from here.


Wander Shugah said...

awwww great list! Looking forward to visiting these places one by one! Ofcourse, plans will take place soon, after i graduate and get a decent job. Thanks for sharing!

Hazel said...

thanks for sharing!!! helpful tip indeed! 

Mai_Flores said...

me too! well, not all I guess..hehe. How far are you from your studies dear? =)

Mai_Flores said...

You're welcome! =) Hope it helps in one of your future travels. =)

Nortehanon said...

I would love, love, love to go to the African countries in the list. Someday...someday...and I hope it will be someday soon ;)

Mai_Flores said...

Me too! Especially Madagascar, Morocco and Seychelles! =)

Edmaration said...

Pak! Marami naman pala eh- pera nalang ang kulang. lol

Mai_Flores said...

oo nga eh! Pera na lang talaga ang kulang.. hahaha!

Irish said...

Wow. That was great! 

Ricky said...

This is a great info, taking note of these countries first before going to visa required places, no need for show money =)
Thanks for sharing

Franc Ramon said...

This is one of the wonders I discovered going to Cambodia. I don't need a visa because of ASEAN link but other first world countries needed one.

Myk Malag said...

I've been trying to find the hard copy list for non-visa travels for us Filipinos, and here they are. Thanks for the info., di ko na kelangan hanapin ang listahan na yun... :D

Pal Raine said...

Cool. I really need this. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Renz Bulseco said...

Wooooohoooo BRAZIL! Gonna visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this 2016 for the Olympics. Can't wait! And oh, about Malaysia, I went there last August and only brought $350. :) Actually the immigration won't question kung magkano ang pera mo or what. :D

Nanardxz said...

this post is very helpful especially to those planning to go travel abroad.. :)

Ness Mercader said...

The first time I heard about this news, i was so happy. Its good that there are countries that does not requires visa anymore.

yaniconquistadora said...

Very very very informative post Mai. I learned a lot from your post :)

Francis Balgos said...

This really is a nice compilation..
Makes me wanna start planning my Asian getaway! :)
Pera muna, ipon ipon..
I'd like to stat with Malaysia, but 500 USD.. Hmmm!

Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons said...

that's cool to know! i love visiting other countries! i shud keep this on my reading lists!

Marri Bermudez said...

This is a long list. I hope I can visit HK, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore... the rest, I can travel na lng in my dreams. Hahaha! :)

mark pogi said...

Wow! That's a lot of countries to visit. I hope I could visit at least one of them. ^_^

jsncruz said...

A little side-note: if ever you visit my hometown of Miri in East Malaysia, you can go to Brunei by car in less than an hour :) You get two countries for one trip, no visa required!

ralph said...

there's that much you can visit without a visa and i just had been to one of those places... by the looks of your passport, you had been to a lot, good for you. My passport is like a book that had not been read... hahaha. Yahweh bless.

Mai_Flores said...

Thanks! :)

Mai_Flores said...

Hehehe.. that's okay Sir Ralph! Which country did you get to visit na po?

Rizza Javier said...

Nice post! I really need the list. Thanks!

Mai_Flores said...

So true! Laging show money din ang problem pag mag-aapply sa ibang bansa, kahit Turista lang ang entry.

Mai_Flores said...

Onga :( It's so hard for me to get a US visa actually.. But thank God I was granted a Korean Visa.. at least, I got that one. :)

Mai_Flores said...

Yehey! Save it na. :)

Mai_Flores said...

You're welcome!

Mai_Flores said...

yeah! I really want to go to Brazil rin for the olympics -- oh show me the money!!! :) And wow.. $350 is a lot na din.. so far, sa mga international travels ko di pa naman ako natanong kung how much pocket money ko.. sana never na! hehe

Mai_Flores said...

Sure is! :)

Mai_Flores said...

Me too, sis! I was super happy as well, since it's always been a struggle for me when it comes to visa applications -- well, US pa lang naman na-reject sakin, sana wala ng iba.. hehe!

Mai_Flores said...

Thanks Yani! :)

Mai_Flores said...

As what Renz said, he only brought $350 when he visited Malaysia pero di naman siya tinanong.. cguro chambahan lang. hehe!

Mai_Flores said...

Please do, Mary! :) Thanks!

Mai_Flores said...

Oh, your dreams can still come true! You'll never know.. your kids might be able to fly you off to more of these destinations someday. :)

Mai_Flores said...

Oh, I'm sure you'll be able to do so. :) Kaya yan! :)

Mai_Flores said...

Cool! I actually plan on visiting Malaysia (still thinking if I'll do it next year on my 30th). :) Thanks for the tip. :)

Mai_Flores said...

Go ahead and save this sis! :)

thin fatima said...

if u dont mind if ever i can go in those counties without applying for visa so wat the requirements needed to get permission to go in other countries for ex. in thailand? just a valid passport and air ticket only? but how about the show money? how much do i need to show if ever? hope u can help me thanks God bless! :)

Mai_Flores said...

Hi Thin! :)

I'm really not sure what these countries will ask of you in particular, as each one may vary in terms of required documents. But you should definitely have with you a passport that has 6 months validity and your flight itinerary (or your ticket). Usually, when you enter a foreign country, the immigration officers may request that you show your airline ticket. It's safe to show a roundtrip ticket so that they would know your timeframe of stay.

From these visa-free countries, I've only been to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea and Macau.

Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau won't require you any show money. But South Korea has a few requirements, especially if you're not coming from Jeju island. In my case, I had to apply for a visa since I will be flying to Incheon. You can read the full details of my application here:

Hope this helps! :) Let me know if you have any other questions. I will try to help you in any way that I can. :)

Salim Reza said...

When you travel to Sri Lanka for pleasure, business or in transit, you will require a travel permit or an authorisation such as the
sri lanka visa

Mai Flores said...

Hi there, I am a Filipino and i have travelled to some parts of Asia like Indonesia,Malaysia,Singapore and Thailand without a visa. I have just recently applied for a visa for UK as a General Visitor valid for 180 days and thankfully it was approved. After my visit to UK, i am going to Panama for 2 months. I did not see Panama on your list of North America or South America that does not require a visa. I have been told that i can come to Panama without a visa or i can use my UK visa with an entry stamp that allows me to stay there. But some says i need a Panama visa. I am quite confused. Please help! Thanks!

Mai Flores said...

Hi Aurele! First of, thank you for dropping-by. :)

As for your observation, I actually got this list from another source ( But the list didn't include Panama though. And since I haven't been to any part of America yet, I had no means of proving whether a visa was required or not. Sadly, I am as clueless as you. My apologies. :(

If you have time, hope you can visit BB's FB Page:

Safe travels to the UK and Panama! Enjoy your stay there. :)

Mai Flores said...

Hi Mai! thanks a whole lot for your reply. I have now learned from a different website called that Filipinos just need entry stamp in order to enter Panama.
I will take a look at your BB's FB page.

Thank you and God Bless po!

Mai Flores said...

You're welcome Aurele! Even though I didn't quite satisfy your query. =P Anyhoo, thank you for mentioning that link. I checked it though... is there a direct link that mentions the 'entry stamp' requirement? Can't seem to locate it. Or maybe I'm just typing the wrong keywords.

Do enjoy your stay there and take lots of photos! :)

Mai Flores said...

Hi Mai, no worries, it's good to at least spoke to you. This page is a great help to us and i am thankful you have created this.
I might have given you the wrong link but, so sorry, my IT skill is very low. I do not know how to copy or paste the link. :( So just try to search this "Panama Visa Information" It has a "L" logo. Hope this time its correct. :)


Mai Flores said...

NO worries! And thank you as well. Readers like you help make my blog thrive. :) Cheers to you as well. :)