A Taste Of Africa -- Real Soon!

My tickets have been booked and confirmed! Budget Biyahera will be experiencing an African adventure this Thursday!!! Wooohooo!!

Can't wait to share every bit of detail to all of you real soon.. 

Getting into shapes, Cirque Mother Africa acrobats limber up. Photo: Paul Rovere

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  1. Wow, hindi nga?! Buti ka pa!
    Alam mo excited ako nang iclicked ko ang blog mo sa Reading List ng Blogger. E mabibitin pala ako sa pagbabasa hehe. Antayin ko ang post mo ng African Adventure mo ha?! Bon Voyage! :)

  2. wow.. that's good news.. africa is like a dream place to visit.. enjoy your travel! btw, thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hey Philip! Thanks for visiting.. and by Friday, maguUpdate nako.. hehe..

  4. It is mine too.. pero it's not what you think, partial experience of Africa lang po toh Mrs. Kolca.. but I will write an update real soon. =)

  5. Happy trip! Can't wait your post about Africa! Make the most out of it and take bunch of photos! :)

  6. Hehehe.. It's not what you think though.. Will update this "Africa" post real soon. Thanks for dropping-by dear! =)


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