Philippine Airlines Rally to Bali Twitter Promo

As you all know, I recently joined a Twitter contest that was hosted by Philippine Airlines. If you've heard about the Rally to Bali promo, then you've surely heard about the amazing prizes that came with this exciting game. 

For starters, PAL required each participant to follow @flyPAL and @PALMabuhayMiles to qualify for the contest. They've also asked each follower to tweet the reason for wanting to visit and fly to Bali, to mention @flyPAL, along with the hashtag #FREEBaliSwingAround. This was what I tweeted then:

If I remember correctly, I was picked that same day and was also emailed the official invite a few days after. Now, there was a catch to the contest. PAL created this contest to help inaugurate the company's first flight to Bali, Indonesia. Those of us who were invited to the event should have already packed our travel necessities (Passport, Clothes, etc.), as those who were to get picked at the event will also fly off to Bali that same day. Now, the event was held last Saturday, April 28 at the Mall of Asia Atrium. Unfortunately, me and my brother (who would have been my plus 1 for this trip) weren't picked! =P 

Ok, so we didn't bring our stuff to Mall of Asia during the event, but my brother and I were already packed early on (some of the guests already had their bags and luggages with them that day). And since we only took the MRT and bus, we just asked our cousin to bring our bags to MOA (since they were checking out Nido's Science Discovery Center in the afternoon). It was the perfect arrangement. 

Anyway, the Rally to Bali event started off with a few presentations before proceeding to the actual draw of names. Ms. Zia Quizon sang a few songs for the crowd. A Balinese artist also danced for the crowd right after. Oh, and PAL's Sales Department also performed in the event (one of the dancer's happened to be our friend!).

Ms. Zia Quizon's voice was soothing -- She reminded me of Norah Jones! :)
This lovely Balinese dancer was very fluid with her moves. It was a delight watching here dance. :)

I actually felt sad when my name wasn't called. Then again, I was still super excited for the 3 pairs that won that afternoon (they won free plane tickets, hotel accommodations and tours). I may not remember their names, but let me share a few snapshots of them instead. :)

The guy wearing the pink shirt was the 3rd place winner. The guy in yellow was his travel buddy. :)
The girl wearing the pink dress was the 2nd place winner. Her travel buddy was her sister. :)
The girl with the yellow backpack was the 1st prize winner. She won business class seats!!!!!

The Rally to Bali promo was actually a fun event. The PAL organizers were very hands on and were very thorough about checking our travel documents. They had me registered for the raffle, checked our passports' validity, etc. They also gave free drinks and finger food to all of the guests, plus handed each Twitter follower a travel certificate worth Php1,000! How cool is that? Although I may not have use for the certificate, I was actually thinking about raffling it off. What do you think?

Love, Your Pal <3
MINE! Lol! :)

Anyhow, the event was successful, and my brother and I enjoyed somehow. That day was also super packed for me and him since we met up with the rest of the family to check the Nido's Science Discovery Center afterwards. Then again, that's a different story to tell. :)

Until then...

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  1. Hi Ness, yung Travel Certificate? Pa-Raffle ko muna! Heheheh. :)

  2. sheine deanna ramosMay 4, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    hi! thank you for the photo :) i am the girl in yellow backpack :)

  3. Hey Sheine!!!!!! Congrats again! How was your Bali trip? :)

  4. sheine deanna ramosMay 4, 2012 at 1:50 PM

    thank you :) dami kwento e. wish i could write them all like what you do.. do you have more pics of the event? 

  5. www..kainggit! hehe! Oh, and I still have a few pero puros Zia and Balinese dancer photos.. :)

  6. nagjoin din ako dito, pero wala ko nareceive na invite. hehe!

  7. Hello Ms. Michi! Ako kasi nangulit sa twitter about the official invite.. tutal nag-qualify naman ako sa raffle.. hehe!

  8. ang saya naman nyan.  very exciting! Si Lloyd pala yung isang nakapunta ng Bali! galing.

  9. Wow! Sino don si Lloyd? :)


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