Saturday, October 20, 2012

A displeasing review of Ong Bun Pension House, Iloilo

Rubel and I were working on a certain budget, so when I found Ong Bun Pension House's website, I knew that it was the perfect place -- or so I thought. Anyway, prior to our trip and booking, I read up on several of Ong Bun's reviews online. I was able to see that several noted bloggers have already stayed in their accommodations. So I told myself that if they liked it there, we would probably do too. But I later on realized that certain lodgings weren't always fit for everybody's preferences.

Ong Bun was just a P70 cab ride from the Parola Wharf. So you can say that it was nearby. But other than the old and unkept look of the buildings exterior, you will also get to see different types of guests coming in and out of the pension house (from senior citizens to very young couples).

The pension house actually follows a strict check-in, which was 12 nn. So when we got there at 11 am, we just had our backpacks stored inside their safe-keeping area (just behind the lobby counter), and then went straight to Robinson's Place to kill some time (5-minute walk from Ong Bun).

We went back at exactly 12 nn, and was immediately given a key to our room on the 2nd floor. For a rate of P580/night (for a Deluxe 2 room), the space that was offered to us was big, but had a lot of unwanted stuff. There was a big cabinet for storing our bags and clothes (no hangers though but plenty of drawers), a desk, chair, some not-so-clean-looking glass cups, water containers and a towel each.

I actually wanted to lie in bed and watch a little TV while waiting for our friend to pick us up. But I was awakened by this pungent smell coming from both the bed and the pillows (the smell stuck on my clothes!). If you know what wet clothes that haven't been dried properly under the sun smelled like, then you can imagine the stench on our bed and pillows. Good thing, we were given a brown and thick blanket, which we used to cover the whole bed from the smell. We just had to turn down the aircon so that we wouldn't have to freeze to death without a blanket to cover us.

Now, a few more things that I look forward to when staying at any lodging is hot water from the shower, and some windows for airing out the smell of the room. Unfortunately, we didn't have both. Well, we did have two windows (one in the CR and room). But it was scary to open them since they were situated near a wall. Someone can actually climb into our room from that area if we left it open. And as for the water --- I think I died a little from having endured an ice cold shower that first night. 

Sad to say, I didn't like what we've experienced in Ong Bun. Sure the rate was low. But they would've at least given us clean (yes we saw some stains too!) and fresh-smelling bed linens and pillows. They could've just taken out the cabinets, desk, chair, glasses, AC unit and even the TV if they wanted. I just really wanted my basics. :(

How about you? Have you experienced any lodging horror stories lately?

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