Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flying Turbulent Skies

For 5 seconds, my life and the future that I have envisioned for myself flashed right before my eyes. I didn't know near-death experiences (which felt like it) could feel like that. And I didn't know I'd soon be tasting its violent reaction last night, on my way home.

Our plane just left from Iloilo airport. And just 18 minutes after we ascended into the clouds, our aircraft experienced what would be a 5-second turbulence. In a passengers perspective, the whole thing felt as if the plane shifted into so many directions. I could hear the disturbing rattling of the metal objects from the rear end of the plane. I could hear the worried sighs of the people around me, let alone the hand-and-thumb-clinching of passengers that held so tightly on their seat handles and rosaries. I felt the plane descend and then fly right back up. 

I was both nervous and scared. I had no one's hand to hold at that time since Rubel flew with a different airline --- so those 5 seconds felt more intense. It made me think if I'll ever get myself into another airplane ride. I felt claustrophobic beyond my wits. My heart was on a loud and hard rhythm, as I waited for the 'seatbelt sign' to finally switch off.

Minutes later, the pilot announced that we were on our final descent to Manila. We were just 20 minutes away when another turbulence was felt yet again. But this time, it was manageable. And when the plane landed smoothly on the NAIA 3 terminal track, I breathed a sigh of relief. 

But the question here remains, will I be flying again? YES, would be my answer. Other than the fact that I have 2 more plane tickets to use this year -- I don't think I would ever change my mode of transportation when globe-trotting. And just like canyoneer Aron Ralston, I will continue on with what makes me happy despite those trying times -- my passion for traveling!

So thank you to Cebu Pacific's pilots for reassuring everyone's safety, especially mine. I really commend you for flying us safely. 

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