Saturday, January 12, 2013

A wedding by the sands of Boracay

It was only hours ago when I discovered Ed Sheeran's "Kiss Me" being played on Grey's Anatomy's latest episode. The love songs lyrics suddenly had me remembering my friend's recent wedding by the beach. She and her husband just turned one month today, after getting married in Boracay.

I've been to the island three times now. But my fourth time to step foot on this pristine and beautiful place felt like a different journey on its own. Not only did I get to travel with two of my closest friends Joanne and Ced, I was able to witness an intimate and one-of-a-kind union.

I've known Charlotte, the bride for almost 3 years now. We've grown so close throughout the years because we shared the same dream of becoming a flight attendant. But when thing's didn't turn up the way that we've hoped for, we still kept our dream alive by seeing the world one country at a time.

So when I saw the theme of her wedding, I felt the recreation of our desires come to life. Her travels with her hubby were evident on the invitations, the souvenirs, the cake, the table setting, and even the personalized sticker with the plane printed on the water bottles. It was remarkable. 

Our friends Cha and Helton (both frequent travelers) got married on the 12th of December 2012. Yes, 12-12-12! But the ceremony started a day early, with the walk and the sunset pictorials as the first part. That was around 6 PM. Dinner proceeded at around 9 PM at the Pearl of the Pacific, where a sumptuous buffet was served to the 20+ guests. 

When midnight was about to clock-in, family and friends gathered around this bamboo tiki-ish hut, where the bride and groom exchanged their vows. And before we knew it, it was already 12 am. Our good friend Cha was officially a "Mrs. Tan". 

After their vows, pop-out confetti were released and sky lanterns were lit to help welcome the newlyweds. The midnight sky was soon filled with lovely and bright spectacles. The lanterns were truly enchanting to look up at. 

From all of the weddings that I have attended, Cha's would have to be on the top of my list. Her's maybe non-traditional. But hey --- it worked for her and her husband. It was fun, brimming with love and life. My hopes of getting that fairytale wedding ignited once more after witnessing such a joyous event...

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