Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Time-travel in one day in Manila's National Museum

Were you able to partake in National Museum's "Museums & Galleries Month" last October 2012? If you did, then you probably enjoyed exploring the grounds since the entry to the official repository of the Philippines was offered for FREE. Yes, we got in for FREE! When I found out about this, it gave me and Rubel the opportunity to revisit the rich history of our country. I know that it's been years since I last stepped foot in this building in Manila. So I gathered all my museum-wandering-self just so I could taste what the 1900's edifice has to offer.

When we got to the museum that afternoon, several people were already clustered inside the receiving area. Rubel and I just left our bags and went scurrying to where the SPOLARIUM was --- at the Bulwagang Hidalgo at Luna. The Spolarium was a huge painting that Mr. Juan Luna finished in March 1884. 

Several rooms were also lined up for every floor that we visited. There were paintings, life-size sculptures, ancient manuscripts and a lot more interesting pieces. You can see below some of the most intriguing artifacts that we were able to see during our DIY tour.

If these photos weren't enough, then it would be best to experience firsthand what the National Museum has to offer. I assure you that most of the national treasures that you will find there will certainly keep you in awe.

Explore & Be Free!
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