Monday, January 14, 2013

Year-end beach escapade with friends in Boracay

Joanne, Ced and I have been friends for almost three years now. We've always had the same dream of someday exploring the world. But it was only last year did we all get to travel together. 

Charlie's wedding was a breather for all three of us. Not only were we given some time off from work (well, Ced was still reading his emails on his phone), we also got to see our friend walk down the aisle --- and I mean, walk through a beautiful space full of white, fine sand!! 

We still had some hangover from the bliss that exuded from the union. So the days that followed literally had us all happy and giddy. We ate, we swam, we walked, we window-shopped and we slept several times a day. Heck, it was a vacation! December was supposed to be a peak month for the island already. But we still enjoyed the sea, the sand and the scorching sun with just a bearable number of people around. It was the perfect year-end escape.

I couldn't have asked for a better set of friends, as we all jived together. We enjoyed those leisurely strolls by the beach --- and talked endlessly about life and love. 

L-R: Me, Josh, Charlie & Helton (newlyweds), Ced, Joanne

Boracay will never be the same because my recent visit to the island was made even better. I'm sure more trips for us will follow suit...

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