iSuites: Cubao's very own Japanese-inspired hotel

It was only last year when we found comfort and enjoyment in what others referred to as 'staycations'. So after enjoying our stay at Great Eastern Hotel and Orion Hotel, Rubel and I went on another quick getaway. But this time, we opted to stay somewhere close by. And since we were both stressed out from our respective jobs, we decided to spend one night at iSuites just to unwind.


If you love looking at interestingly designed buildings, then you'll surely find iSuites as a structure that's worth checking out. The hotel actually has a contemporary-looking facade and a vibrant lighting that impressed us (especially at night). But that's not all! We were also fascinated with the hotel lobby that welcomed us. The reception area also exuded a modern and chic vibe --- as iSuites' interiors and Japanese-themed furnishings made the whole space look like you were in a different place.


One of the few things that made me love iSuites was their courteous staff. The hotel staff members are the backbone of the business. They are a reflection of what the company is all about (and they never disappointed us). So I was really pleased when we were greeted warmly by the receptionists upon entering the hotel, and were assisted by a nice staff member to our room (with all smiles).


There are actually two ways of getting to your room --- you can either take the elevator or climb the stairs for an extra workout. 


We availed of the A/C Kimono Room, which was priced at P1,500 per night. It was a cozy yet small space. But it was spacious enough to accommodate 2 people. Anyhow, I also loved the fact that there was a balcony that we can open and access at any time. But the view wasn't that appealing since there were only houses and rusty roofs to look at.

The Kimono Room maximized the entire space but not to the point where everything was cramped up. It actually displayed a Zen vibe, which helped balance out the elements in the room. On top of that, we were also welcomed with a wooden tray table with a few complimentary treats (bottled water, hot tea sachets, glass cups, water heater) upon entering the room. 

One of the things that I loved about our Kimono room was our plush bed. It was actually comfortable to sleep in (the pillows were soft too!). Anyhow, before I messed up the styling of the bed, it was originally accentuated with a gold table runner. And on top of it were a few pieces of bath and hand towels.

You'll also find the cabinet just a few steps from the bed (where a built-in mirror and drawer is attached on the side). Inside it was a 'his & hers' bath robe. We actually got to use it after bathing that night.

Our room also had a flat screen TV, which we didn't get to use since the cable reception was shady. So we just opted to watch some of the movies that I downloaded from my laptop.


If there was one thing that I disliked about the Kimono room, it would have to be the bathroom. We had a private T&B that could only be closed with a black sliding wooden door. There was no lock whatsoever. There were actually a few times when I wanted to close it fully, but the size just wouldn't cut it. Even the light and the breeze from the main room's AC would still enter the bathroom. And my fingers would even get caught a couple of times just by trying to close the door. Also, the ensuite bath wasn't soundproof. So some 'sounds' were audible. Yeah, I know. It's gross! But the shower on the other hand did not fail us, as hot water was abundant! That was something that really made up for the bathroom door. Although we had to ask for an extra towel, which we used as a floor mat --- as the water from the shower didn't drain as fast (the area was flooded easily).


Cubao is known for its nearby shopping malls and affordable eateries. But for our first night there, we chose to eat dinner at Big Daddy Jay's All American BBQ. But for breakfast, we were served our complimentary meals. Rubel and I chose iSuites Vigan Longsilog the next day, which were delectably served at iSuites Tatami Restaurant. Our meal was a hearty and tasty one. So it was a definite two thumbs up!


The restaurant also had an intimate ambiance, with only a few tables and chairs arranged. Plus, the interiors were infused with Japanese elements (the space still displayed the hotel's overall theme).

All in all, our stay at iSuites was a refreshing experience. The hotel staff were very nice, and the guesthouse was clean and stylishly designed. I definitely see myself booking one of their rooms again in the near future.

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Directions: iSuites is located at 36 Imperial St., 1102 Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. It's a few minutes walk from Gateway Mall.

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  1. The hotel does have a feel of Japan and except for the shady cable reception, it looks like it's a great staycation.

  2. thanks for giving me a great description of the rooms.The place does look small but it has maximized the space and made amazing use of the space that they had

  3. The moment I read about the first few paragraphs of this post, I was already convinced to book this one for our next layover until I realize It's located in Cubao. Sayang, but we'll keep it on our list in case magawi kami sa QC at mavisit ang UP :)

  4. When it comes to hotels, I really look on the photos and based on this post I will love this place. The room is not so big but it looks clean and dainty. Japanese style is a plus!

  5. The hotel seems to look good. I hope that they do have Japanese food in their menu too.

  6. Indeed, Franc! :) We really enjoyed our stay at iSuites.

  7. The place may look small, but it's definitely spacious for 2 pax. So we really didn't feel that cramped up during our stay. :)

  8. Hehehe.. oo nga, sa Cubao ang iSuites. Pero malay niyo.. baka kung magawi kayo ng QC, at least malapit-lapit na din ang iSuites. :)

  9. I do the same thing, Gen-zel. The photos and the descriptions are what really makes or breaks a potential booking. Of course, reading about the hotel's customer reviews is also a plus. :)

  10. If I recall correctly, I think they have Japanese food on their menu. :)

  11. the place looks amazing the feel of japanese with everything looks great! a much near place to experience that feels like you are in japan hehe

  12. Correct! Pero I would love to experience Japan din, the real one. :P


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