How to commute to LCCT to Downtown KL and back (before it ceased operations)

DISCLAIMER: This is a late post. This was my experience commuting to LCCT, back when it was still operational.

It was our first time to travel to Malaysia. But the city's transportation system was something that we quickly learned about. It's fairly easy to commute to the metropolis when coming from Kuala Lumpur's Low Cost Carrier Terminal. So regardless of the time of your arrival, there will be buses parked right outside the airport, ready to transport you to downtown KL.


I flew solo going to Kuala Lumpur. But Rubel came in a day early, so he was able to pick me up at KL's LCCT. Anyway, I arrived past 1 in the morning via Air Asia Zest. It was late already, so my beau escorted me out so that we could board the bus right away. Buses would be the only means of transportation at this time, as train services no longer operate during these hours.

We didn't have a hard time purchasing our tickets, since several bus conductors already crowded the terminal, offering us their services. We randomly picked one, and just paid 8 RM for a one-way ticket. So right after our 2-hour trip, we were dropped off near KL Sentral. There were plenty of cabs parked where we alighted. So we got into one and paid 25 RM for a special trip to Tunes Hotel Downtown KL (there were no other options left).


I had to travel on my own from my hotel to LCCT (stayed in Tunes Hotel Downtown KL), since Rubel went home a day early. But the commute was still quite easy despite going solo, since my hotel was conveniently located beside two train stations. I decided to take the LRT near Tunes, as the Sultan Ismail station served a shorter route. Plus, it was only a 5-minute walk from my lodging (accessible via foot bridge). 

The single journey ticket from Sultan Ismail to KL Sentral cost around 2.50 RM. From Sultan Ismail, I alighted at Masjid Jamek station, where I boarded the next train bound for KL Sentral.

As soon as I arrived at KL Sentral, I bought a Train + Bus combo ticket that was bound for LCCT (KLIA TRANSIT). It only cost me 12.50 RM

Since there were several stops, the travel time from KL Sentral to Salak Tinggi took around 30 mins. But it wasn't long until I got off at the Salak Tinggi Station. You won't be able to miss the coach to LCCT, as several will be waiting just outside the terminal. Just hand your bus pass to the driver, and pick your seat as soon as your board.

The bus travel from Salak Tinggi to LCCT took around 30-45 minutes. 

NOTE: Late as this post maybe, the LCCT has already ceased its operations just this May, and have already moved all of its flights to KLIA 2. I decided to still publish this post just to document the entire experience. Thank you Kat for bringing this to my attention. :)

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