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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Awesomeness: Ngong Ping Village & the Giant Buddha!

January 11, 2011 48
{Trip from April 2010} Before heading back to our hotel, we would always make it a point to pass by the 7-eleven store that was a few blocks away from Anne Black. And we would always make sure that we purchased these cups of spicy beef noodles that had real beef pieces in them. These were either made into our late-night snack or into our breakfast. But whatever the case was, these sumptuous instant noodles matched with some Yakult always made us happy. 

Anyway, our 3rd day was allotted to a HKG Day Tour. And since we had two more days left, we decided to spend our 4th day in Shenzhen. And for us to be able to get to Shenzhen without any hassle, we went to this travel agency called PEYA, by Central (we were referred to this agency by my friend Wai – a HKG resident) to get us booked for Shenzhen. PEYA was able to book us a day tour, plus a grant to a group visa. We also had the tour booked for the following day. But for the remainder of the day, we spent on going around the city (went to ride the Cable Car to visit Ngong Ping), and was also spent on shopping.

Our tour guide in Shenzhen

DAY 3 (in HK)

8 AM - Breakfast at Hotel or OUT
*Breakfast and budget @ 7-eleven HK$20 (noodles $10 + yakult $6 + Water $4)
11 AM - Shenzhen Tour Booking @ PEYA Travel Center
12 NN - Lunch at Central *Lunch & Budget @ KFC, Central HK$ 33
1 PM - Ride the MTR to Tung Chung Exit B, then take the NGONG PING 360 cable car
*Take Yau Ma Tei MTR – Mei Foo interchange – to Tung Chung Exit B (HK$ 20.5)
*Take Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Roundtrip + Walking w/Buddha Admission + Monkey’s Tale (HK$ 169)
2-5 PM - NGONG PING VILLAGE Sight-seeing (Giant Buddha) 
5-6 PM - *Dinner @ Mcdo -Big Mac Meal Promo - HK$ 20
6:30-8:30 - Shopping at Citygates Outlet Mall by Tung Chung
9 – 10 PM – Tung Chung to Mongkok - (HK$ 15.5)
10:30-12 AM – Ladies Market Shopping

Cable Car ride to Ngong Ping Village

Ngong Ping Village 

Back in Hong Kong for some night market shopping

Our 3rd day in HKG was amazing! Being able to visit the Ngong Ping village, and seeing the Giant Buddha was breath-taking! It was truly a perfect day for us.

Explore & Be Free!

A biyahera in the City of Dreams -- Macau!

January 11, 2011 26
[Trip from April 2010]

On our second day, we’ve managed to get ourselves to wake up real early for a Macau Day trip. Macau is actually one of the few places near HKG that is very easy to access (can be accessed by ferry/boat). And since you won’t be needing a visa to enter Macau, it was all the more very hassle-free to get into. And apart from its luxurious hotels and casinos, we were also set on exploring the beautiful make of this place (art-wise). It was my first time to go around Macau, since I was only able to experience the Venetian hotel, the last time I visited it.

Oh by the way, the nearest MTR station at Anne Black was the Yau Ma Tei station. From our hotel, it would usually take us about 10 minutes to get to the station by foot. But we hardly ever noticed the long walk since the cool weather condition in HKG hugged us deeply! It was the best weather yet!

Now before anything else, let me just give you a quick runthrough of our stay in this hotel. Well, Anne Black had a very nice ambiance to it. Their staff were very nice, accommodating, and always smiling.  And their standard rooms were also very cozy. It wasn't the 5-star type with all the egyptian cotton sheets and the works, but each of our beds were made up in a way that could still give our tired bodies a good night's sleep. Now each of our rooms had a sink attached to the wall. The standard room only had the sink for our personal use. But for toilet & bath purposes, they provided a common T&B for the floor we were in. But of course, it was still a safe area since the ladies bath were kept separate from the gents. Plus, they each provided us with a key to the T&B, so it was still a very much safe place to do your number 2's and all. All in all, our stay went well as can be. We truly had value for our money. :)

Anyway, here’s how our day went in Macau. =)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Budget Biyahera’s First Trip Out of Pinas

January 07, 2011 66
After ending my last sem in college and before my birthday, my Kuya EJ (older brother and cousin) and I flew to Hong Kong for a 4-day vacation. It was his Graduation/Birthday gift to me. It was also my first time to go abroad, let alone ride the plane. 

Being a first time overseas traveler, getting inside the NAIA (Terminal 1) Airport was a new episode for me. I’ve never imagined it to be that small in space. But despite that, there was still a lot of appreciation on my end. And being the first-timer that I was, I had a lot of anxiety in my system. But on the brighter side of things, I was able to learn more by asking further questions from people with authority with regards to my country’s travel procedures and payments. I am Pinay (Filipina) by the way.

So for the new budget biyahera’s and biyahero’s out there, read up and learn a few tips from my first trip out of the country. I hope it helps you with your future international escapades!