Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Starbucks Global Icon Series Mugs Part II.

I've previously posted my first batch of Starbucks Global Icon Series Mugs, from which the following mugs are already sitting pretty on my display shelf: Korea, Seoul, China and Macau.

But as of May, more mini-mugs (and one big mug) have been added to my collection! Here's my latest additions:

So happy with my new mugs especially with my MANILA addition! Thank you also to my GF Clarice for bringing home Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur, to Juneee for my Thailand and Bangkok, Rick and Robin for my New York Mug, and to my honey for bringing me my Cebu and Philippines mini-mugs! :)

I haven't been to both Malaysia and New York, but I requested for these anyway. Here's to hoping that I get to visit both destinations soon, especially NYC! :)

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Monday, May 28, 2012

What it was like being a part of Meet Manila's 'Tertulia Night'

The Invitation

Meeting the awesome team behind Meet Manila was an enriching and humbling experience. Getting invited to their launch party was to me, by a long shot. I've never considered myself to be well-known in the travel blogging community just yet so I was surprised. But I owe it to my amazing followers who've been supportive of every journey that I've made. 

Meet Manila's Launch Party - 'Tertulia Night'

The launch of Meet Manila introduced the 'Tertulia Night'. I actually had no clue as to what a Tertulia meant, all the more what transpired from such an event. And as I've been enlightened of its true meaning later on, I suddenly felt real excitement for this 'upcoming social gathering'. Now, it wasn't your typical 'party'. The 'Tertulia' itself meant more like an evening affair or a soiree of sorts. So you can just imagine a festive occasion where some of the most inspiring Filipino individuals come together to share their personal views and to meet for the same causes.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A different side of Laiya, Batangas - Kabayan Resort

My family (well most of us) went on a 3D/2N beach getaway just this week -- a trip that was bound for Laiya, Batangas. Now, I've heard about the hype when it came to the well-maintained shores of Laiya, and how most resorts don't usually allow any cooking to be done within their premises. But since we were a BIG family, my cousin and I went ahead of ourselves to find that distinct resort that would accommodate both our quantity and our need to cook our own food. This was the only way that we could really save and stay within our budget. Soon enough, Kabayan Resort resurfaced from our endless google searching. And as early as February, we were already booked.

What it means to be an Empowered Traveler #ThoughtfulTourism

Three weeks ago, I was invited to this awesome travel website launch party (the country’s newest and most comprehensive travel portal wherein #ThoughtfulTourism is promoted) via Twitter. I honestly didn't know anything about Meet Manila nor the meaning of the word 'Tertulia' then. But I felt truly overwhelmed to be invited as a traveler blogger. Being recognized just that tiny bit made feel so honored! :) So I RSVP'd and got really excited thereafter. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

How to cool off this summer? Go Swim and Eat!

My family and I recently went on a swimming escapade a few days ago, and it was set as a whole day affair. The venue was also just a short walk from our house so everybody was thrilled about that. It was also recently when the private pool was discovered. So my Kuya had it reserved right away (from 10 am to 6 pm).

I wasn't supposed to join them since I had so much work to do. But when I dropped-by to check out the pool, I was almost ready to jump into this enchanting abyss! The 6-feet deep pool was so inviting considering that it was sweltering that day. I went home right away to change into my swimsuit!

Oh, before I forget --- each of us, regardless if we were swimming or not were charged Php150 each. It was a bit pricey since we were 16 inside the premises. So we just made sure to make the most out of the place.

The little kids, trying out the deepest part of the pool.

Exploring Nido Fortified's Science Discovery Center

My brother and I weren't supposed to go to Nido Fortified's Science Discovery Center in Mall of Asia. But since we were already in the area (coming from PAL's Rally to Bali event last Saturday), we opted to meet with my cousins. My niece and nephews also came along so that was actually more fun for everyone.

Anyway, my Kuya treated all of us to free passes (tickets were sold at Php330 for adults and Php300 for kids). We were about 11 people who came into the center. Now, our tickets also came with free popcorn and a Milo drink, plus two Planetarium shows -- one was about the universe, and the other was the One World One Sky: Big Bird‘s Adventure. 

YES! A short travel within the solar system for only Php330! How cool is that?!

Anyhow, since we came in a bit late in the afternoon, we opted to start our tour by watching the Planetarium presentations. The first projected show was actually more interesting compared to Big Bird's adventure. But the latter was a more obvious hit for the kids since they enjoyed interacting with 'Elmo' and "Big Bird' all throughout the show.

After the Planetarium, we checked out the Grossology and Smart Media City -- both of which can be accessed on the first floor. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Philippine Airlines Rally to Bali Twitter Promo

As you all know, I recently joined a Twitter contest that was hosted by Philippine Airlines. If you've heard about the Rally to Bali promo, then you've surely heard about the amazing prizes that came with this exciting game. 

For starters, PAL required each participant to follow @flyPAL and @PALMabuhayMiles to qualify for the contest. They've also asked each follower to tweet the reason for wanting to visit and fly to Bali, to mention @flyPAL, along with the hashtag #FREEBaliSwingAround. This was what I tweeted then: