Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to rebook a PAL Express flight after a sustained injury

I fractured my right 5th metatarsal last March after attending my niece's graduation. But I only got my foot placed in a cast after Holy week, since I sought a bone specialist for it. My blue, rough, half-calf cast was molded on me last April 1. Given that, I asked my Orthopedic doctor if I could still travel to Tacloban. But he advised that I put it off for now. I was disheartened after I heard his advice, especially when I was already booked to leave on April 22. Then again, I had to divert my disappointment since my health was my first priority. I didn't want to have to travel with a cast anyway, even if I brought my crutches with me. 

The next concern was rebooking my flight with PAL Express, since I could no longer make the trip. So after getting my diagnosis, I immediately contacted the airline. I was then advised to email my concerns.

My disappointment over Tiger Airways - SEAIR's flight cancellation

When the Piso fare was offered by Tiger Airways (in partnership with SEAIR) last February 2013, I didn't think twice about booking a trip with them. And since I wanted to visit Davao this year in time for Kadayawan, I was lucky to find seats that offered P1 for each route (MNL-DVO-MNL). My total was PHP675.04 (fare price + fare fees & taxes + service fee +  special services a.k.a. extra baggage allowance). So when I got my booking details, I paid for my ticket at Cebuana Lhuiller that same day. Come 10:22 AM, I was already paid in full. So when I got home, I immediately called SEAIR's hotline to confirm my payment. 2 days later (after following up my trip details a few times), they finally emailed my itinerary. I also asked the CSR if there were hidden charges, which she answered 'no' to. I mean, the rate was unbelievably cheap so I had to ask. It was just too good to be true. Then again, it was.

And on May 2, I received this unfortunate email from Tiger Airways...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Budget Biyahera's latest Starbucks City Mug Collection

I'm very fortunate to know travel enthusiasts (family and friends) who never fails to think of me when they see Starbucks Mugs in sight. And since my last update, I now have 9 additions to my collection. =) 

Boracay, Makati, Baguio, Bacolod, Davao (all from the Philippines), Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Los Angeles and Bali (Tumbler).

13 reasons why it was a distressing stay at Great Eastern Hotel, QC

The first time that I stayed at Great Eastern Hotel, QC (also known as Aberdeen) was in 2007. My Kuya wanted my 2 sisters and I to have a relaxing weekend, so he booked us a room at Great Eastern's new wing. I wasn't particular with hotels at the time, so I was pretty much satisfied with how our staycation went.

So when Rubel and I wanted to relax, we opted to stay somewhere nearby (since I couldn't walk long distances yet). Thus choosing Great Eastern. Then again, we didn't expect to get disappointed later on. Anyway, here's our review below.