Monday, September 10, 2012

A 5-Day Adventure: Sites worth seeing in Cebu and Bohol

It was my first time to fly to the Visayas area in 2010. I flew all the way to Cebu to pursue my dream job. But when things didn't go the way that I've hoped for, Rubel and I just distracted ourselves with a DIY tour around Cebu --- Plus a side trip to Bohol.

So what did we see in Metro Cebu that was worth seeing? Here's our top choices:


Sky Experience Adventure with mis amigas Yen and Ruth -- and Rubel! :P

We spent P600/each for a Sky Experience Adventure tour package. This already included: 1 edge coaster ride + Sky walk + snack. 

My verdict: ONCE is ENOUGH! My fear of heights got the best of me. I only tried it for the experience and because I didn't want to feel envious of my friends take on it afterwards. :P So if you're willing to go all the way up the 37th floor to try this, then give it a go! :)


Although, I've never driven a vehicle before (except a bicycle), my thrill-seeking boyfriend was able to persuade me into trying kart racing. I really am afraid of driving anything on my own, so I was firm about not getting into a race kart. But I still drove one, as I didn't want Rubel to race on his own (excuses!) :P 

My verdict: Those 8 laps were heart-pounding! After my first race, I was able to get into another Kart Racing escapade last year at Enchanted Kingdom. :)


The Taoist Temple can be located inside this very posh village. Public transportation is prohibited from entering this area (like jeeps, tricycles, motorcycles), so it would be best to visit this with a hired vehicle. Finding a ride outside of the village can be scarce. So the only way that you can get out is to walk all the way to the village gate. A Habal-Habal (Cebu's famous motorcycle ride) will be waiting for you there. So brace yourself for that!

My Verdict: Visiting the Taoist Temple was enriching, culture-wise. I could see myself visiting the temple again. But with a hired vehicle in tow this time around. 


We said our prayers as soon as we got to the Basilica del Sto. Nino. It was customary for me to make a wish whenever I would visit a new church. 

My Verdict: It was a lovely and well-maintained church. 


Magellan's Cross can be located just a few steps from the Basilica del Sto. Nino church. So you surely won't miss it!

My Verdict: Being present at the actual cross and site was euphoric. I was glad to have experienced such an enriching piece of our history.

Rubel and I still had some time to spare during our Cebu trip, so we allotted a day tour for Bohol. We were able to book our whole day affair through Island Skip Trips (via Supercat).

So what did we see in Bohol during our sight-seeing trip? Here they are!


The Baclayon Church is considered to be the oldest stone church in the Philippines.

My Verdict: It was such an amazing place! But for you to be able to tour the holy grounds, make sure that you come in wearing appropriate clothing. Otherwise, the caretakers will ask you to wear a long cloth to wrap around your waist.


My Verdict: We had lunch on board. But the food during our Loboc River Cruise was just so-so. Then again, what made up for the cruise was the 'Ladies in Pink'. They serenaded all of the guests with their beautiful voices and lovely dance moves. =)


My Verdict: We were able to pass by this well-maintained eco-site, and was able to learn a lot about a Butterfly's life cycle. We were also able to taste some of the sanctuary's refreshing avocado and ube ice cream!


It was my first time to see these Tarsiers. But we were strictly told not to make any unnecessary noise, as not to disrupt these promisians.

My Verdict: I LOVED the sight of these cute primates! These tiny and delicate creatures are a sight to behold. Truly, they are God's wonders! 


I was enthralled when I stepped foot on this man-made forest. It was truly enchanting! 

My Verdict: I was instantly spellbound when our tour bus entered the vicinity of this forest. It surely shows how a few years of good upkeep, love and patience can grow such a lovely forest! 


What's a day-trip to Bohol without seeing the Chocolate Hills, right? Being in the presence of a hundred cone-shaped highlands were remarkable! I couldn't help but be awe-stricken with these natural wonders. Despite the heat and the far climb up the viewing deck, the scenic sight was super worth the physical pain (LOL)!


We got to see another historical site. The monument itself commemorated the Blood Compact that was held in Bohol.

My Verdict: I was blessed yet again to have seen this piece of history in actual. So I couldn't pass up a chance to have my photo taken here. :)

Cebu City and Bohol (in Tagbilaran to be exact) have truly given me a warm Visayan welcome (and I've yet to explore more of its neighboring towns in the future)! That's why a visit to Visayas was followed by several more trips back to Bohol and Aklan

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Shugah Pauline Diez Gonzales said...

these two places will always have a special place in my heart <3 I love em and I miss Cebu and Bohol already! Makes me wanna hop off the plane right away. Im jealous you were able to try the kartrak thingy.. Its one of my dream haha

Mai_Flores said...

Hey sis! Talaga? Wala bang Kartzone sa Bukidnon or near your town? :)

lovemindanao said...

wow ... very nice ..i have never visited the Taoist Temple. i wish i could revisit bohol once again ... not yet satisfied with a 5 day trip there (coz i dont have decent picture taken there!)...i love the churches and most of all the people... i missed dancing with the locals of loboc. you made me reminisce my past experiences there ... hahahaha

Pinoy Adventurista said...

twice nako nakapunta ng Cebu pero laging bitin.. ang dami pa talaga akong dapat puntahan... have to be back soon! I wanna try yung mga activities na hindi ko pa nagawa... :)

for bohol, i wanna visit the old churches... wahhhhh!!! sarap talaga mag byahe... :)

Mai_Flores said...

Wow! You danced with the Loboc locals? That's so cool! :) That would've been fun on my end kung di lang ako mahiyain hahaha!

Mai_Flores said...

Idol! :) Mas marami pa akong kailangan mapuntahan.. malayo at marami na ang narating mo! Hehehe.. but of course, there's always something new to explore in the Philippines. And yes, sobrang sarap talaga magbyahe! ;)

Ephraim Arriesgado said...

Great post! I love Cebu kasi.. Never tried the Sky Experience Adventure and karting though.. Never been to Bohol, pero ok lang, malapit lang kasi sa Leyte.. :)

Shugah Pauline Diez Gonzales said...

wala sis eh! Kung meron na. itatry ko tlga! >.<

Mai_Flores said...

At least may reason kana to go back to Cebu..hehe!

Mai_Flores said...

Hi Ephraim! I read your post this morning.. sobrang excited ako to visit Biliran (esp the falls), amongst all the other provinces that you've featured. :)

Jason Cruz said...

I was just in Bohol last weekend for a run. It's my dream to run in Cebu too, and if the flight ticket prices stay low, I'll go next month :)

Mai_Flores said...

Waaah! Inggit naman ako.. miss ko na tumakbo.. if only my knee permits it.. :/

Ephraim Arriesgado said...

That's great! There are many falls in Biliran that you can explore! :)

Aleah | said...

One thing I really want to do in Cebu and Bohol is to dive. Ganda ng underwater world dun! In your list, di ko pa nagagawa yung kart racing. Bucket list pa rin hehe

Mai_Flores said...

Buti ka pa, Aleah.. ako takot lumangoy without a life vest, let alone go diving :( Ok ba ang diving kahit asthmatic?

mybackpackdiaries said...

Mai, this is a very detailed list of what one can do in Bohol and Cebu. :) - Pang

Mai_Flores said...

Thank you po, Pang! :)

Mai Flores said...

I envy you. I'm really dying to try the Sky Experience. Looks terrifying but my clinical instructor had a great experience riding in it a few years back.

Mai Flores said...

Hehehe.. don't be envious! Do try it, then we'll see if it's something that you'd want to be envious about pa afterwards. =P It was pretty scary on my end.