Land & Water Activities For Big Groups: What to do when in Boracay

When it comes to annual summer vacations, I would usually be one of my family's go-to persons when it comes to:

*Doing research on prospective vacation spots
*Coordinating with the resort representatives
*Coordinating the schedules of each family members vacation leaves
*Making accommodation bookings
*Making a feasible itinerary
*Finalizing and managing of our budget
*Paying lodging and transportation costs
*Huddling the whole group when the next adventure awaits

Me at the Zestair check-in counter -- Double checking everyone's ticket!

These are my usual tasks when my BIG FAMILY goes out of town. It has never been an easy job but I've always found a sense of fulfillment when I get to lead this "big group". And since I've always considered myself to be a really organized and OC person, I've always managed to get things (and people) going on schedule. So if there was an epic trip that I would like to share, it would have to be our Boracay escapade(s).

The island of Boracay is located in Aklan. Kalibo, being Aklan's capital, can be found on the western part of the Visayas (Region VI). The island offers a significant number of land and water activities ranging from ATV tours to Helmet Diving (which I've yet to try next time!).

Ok, so... what to do in Boracay with a really BIG GROUP in tow? Let me share to you how several trips to Boracay were made cohesive and made possible. 

In April 2008, my family of 15 flew all the way to Kalibo from Manila. So what did we do on our first time on the island? We did a lot of beach bumming, and of course an island hop trip to Crystal Cove! We only spent about P3,000.00 for the boat and snorkeling gear rental for this specific activity.

In March 2011, my boyfriend and I went along with a few couples. We were able to do the usual beach hangout, bar-hopping and ATV tour (inclusive of Aviary and Tanawin stopovers).

In May 2011, my family from Houston came home to attend my youngest sister's high school graduation. So to help cap off their visit in the Philippines, my Kuya EJ, Ate Ching and I organized a trip back to Boracay. During this recent trip, we were able to do the usual beach bumming and bar & restaurant hopping. But there were also a few "firsts" for the whole family, as some of them were able to get some time on the Jetski.

Some of them also tried Parasailing. I, for one didn't get to experience any of these activities since it was that time of the month for me (bummer!). 

Anyhow, my family and I were also able to go back to Crystal Cove. They also got to do some snorkeling on the side.

I will be going back to Boracay real soon (December 2012 to be exact), as one of my closest friends will be getting married to the love of her life. =) So I'm really looking forward to their union at the beach! 

Oh dear readers! I don't think I will ever get tired of Boracay, as there's always something new to look forward to on this remarkable island. =) How about you? How do you spend your vacation when in Boracay?

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  1. I haven't been to Boracay yet huhu Frustration ko talaga. Ayoko kasing mag-solo dun, it seems like a group destination talaga. My tentative plans next month though so hopefully I'll get to see it.

  2. Hey Aleah! Okay naman sa Boracay kahit mag-isa. Pero syempre pag gusto mo mag-solo, lagi ka lang magwworry about safekeeping your things pag nasa beach ka. Then again, you can stil make a solo trip. Ako nga nagbalak bumiyahe alone.. kaso naubusan na ako ng pera to do so! Balak ko pa mandin mag-stay ng isang buwan! Heheh! :) Kelan mo balak pumunta? :)

  3. i always bring tampons with me when i travel **winks**

  4. Will be there with my mom next month! First time in Bora, hehe. Baka maging magastos kasi dalawa lang kami...dami ko pa naman gustong gawin! Parasailing, helmet diving, ATV, zorb...hahahaha...sana kayanin ng budget...:D

  5. Event-organizer if I may call you, mahirap yan. Boracay, wow the best beach in the world. Ganda talaga dyan, Galing kami riyan last Nov 2011. Sure we did have a fun experience.

  6. My sis from the states actually suggested that I use one. icky as this may sound, but I tried it and didn't like the uncomfy feeling :/ so never again..

  7. Wow! Kaya yan.. meron na kayong tutuluyan? :) Must-try ang Chorizo burger sa Boracay, so try that with your mom ha! :)

  8. Hehe.. thanks po! :) Have you tried other beaches in the Philippines? Marami na pong comparable sa Boracay or better like the one in Bohol (Dumaluan beach).. mas quiet lang doon sa Bohol. :)

  9. Sige, haha. Wala pa kaming tutuluyan. Di ko pa naayos. Dapat kasi marami kami e biglang nag-back out yung iba kaya nagulo...:|

  10. Ganon ba? If you have time, send me a message sa Facebook. I can give you the #s of my contacts there. :) I can refer two places sa Boracay na tried & tested na.. parehas nasa Station 1 area. You can look up both places on my blog din for more info: Hannah Hotel and Boradise :)

  11. Want to experience this soon!

  12. Sarap naman ma experience yan,, napadaan ako last june ng bora kaso 1 hr lang ung binigay sakin at kailangan kong bumalik agad ng caticlan. baka maiwan ng barko. minalas pa dahil pag dating ko ng bora umulan ng malaks di rin naka gala, aun bumili nalng ng ticket pabalik...

  13. Awww.. sayang naman! Bakit 1 hour lang?

  14. Hope makabalik kami sa Boracay. 2005 yata yung huli kong punta.

  15. Makakabalik ka din nyan! :)


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