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Friday, November 29, 2013

Save the Sand, Save the Beach with a LAGU beach-friendly blanket!

November 29, 2013 8
I'm probably one of those people who doesn't fancy swimming in the beach, but just love hanging out by the shoreline. I tend to just lounge by the seashore, get that much needed tan, and have my feet burrowed underneath the sand.

Back then I would bring a malong or a printed sarong, and would use either as a blanket. I would place my travel essentials on top, and would lay on it throughout my time at the beach. But soon after unwinding and packing up, I would catch myself dealing with all the sand that didn't come off of the fabric right after shaking it. It's always the same scenario, and always the same dilemma whenever I leave any pebbly shore. That's why I always end up bringing some sand into my stuff. But all that's changed when I started using LAGU.  

"Lagu is the first beach-friendly beach blanket. Unlike ordinary towels, Lagu repels sand allowing you to lay with ease while also conserving the beach. It's unique linen blend is allergen-free and has quick-dry properties, keeping it fresh for repeated use."