A grand Singapore sale of sorts =)

My fourth day in Singapore was also the bf's last (since he had to go back to work the next day). So for his last day, his family and I went our for lunch at the Sembawang Mall where Aston's was. They served us steaks, sausages, and other appetizers that were really sumptuous. They weren't that cheap though. But you can definitely say that their food is well worth the costs.

Aston's food and ambiance were definitely impressive. But how about an outdoor mini-waterpark in the mall? How cool is that! I felt like a kid again, as I played with the little Campos' boys. I was actually told that most of the malls in Singapore had their own water playground. His sister-in-law and I were talking about it, and she told me how the playground benefits her as a mother of two. How? Well, while she's doing the groceries, her husband will simply looks after the boys. She goes off and does her errands without any distractions. And when she's finally done doing her chores, which goes for at least 2 hours, her kids would already be tired from playing. They would all be ready to pack up and go home. Everyone would be so tried, but happy and fulfilled. 

Anyway, I had my fair share of the waterpark. But I didn't bathe all out (just my feet and hands) since I didn't bring any change of clothes. Moving along, we left with some Gong Cha Tea drinks on hand before heading back to the house. He actually did some last minute packing before all of us left for the airport.

There was also an ongoing sale at the time, so we decided to leave the house early. The sale was held at the Convention Center (by the airport), so we still had some time to spare before dropping Rubel off at the terminal. Fortunately, he got to avail this really great deal on an LG LED TV. 

My Day 4 in SIN ended with some Carl's Jr. dinner, a tight hug and a smooch from the boyfriend. The rest of the night was spent commuting back home. We also took the bus from the airport, before alighting to a second bus that would take us back to the Woodlands area. Now, one more thing that's great about Singapore is that the country provides a very convenient and accessible transportation system (much like HKG's). Here's to hoping that our own country gets to experience the same facilities in the near future! Slowly but surely, we will get there! 

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