Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Budget Biyahera LOVES Bohol Bee Farm!

[January 25, 2012]

Bohol Bee Farm will always have a special place in my heart...

I love their staff. I love their organic food (although too much of their honey ranch dressing on most of their dishes are nakaka-umay na!). I love their ambiance. I love their rooms. I love the look of their restaurant. I love their organic gardens. I love their organic products. I love their sun deck. I love the view. I love everything about them!

If I were to go back to Bohol, I would definitely book another night with them. And despite the bad conditions of the road going to Bohol Bee Farm (which is something that needs to be repaired if they want to continue on attracting more tourists), the trip will always be worth the wait.

Until my next Bohol trip. For now, here's another TRAVEL EXPENSE SHEET to help you on your future trip to this beautiful island!

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