Singapore Day 3: Awe-stricken by the Marina Bay Sand Hotel and Helix Bridge

Our third day in SIN was spent just going around SIM LIM Square (I also got myself a mocha ice cream sandwich, which I ate on the way there). And since Rubel wanted to build his own CPU, we went around the entire Sim Lim building looking for potential monitors and computer parts. He didn't get to see any of the stuff that he wanted/needed throughout our 'walk', but I did! I was actually able to buy an extra memory card for my point-and-shoot, a cool 4GB purple Sandisk cruzer USB, a black laptop sleeve, and a purple laptop keyboard protector.

After Sim Lim, we decided to eat at the nearest Burger King for some late lunch. We wanted to get some energy to prepare ourselves for the next destination: The Marina Bay. 

Our main goal was to see the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel. But we experienced a few bumps on the road. So it took us a while before reaching the hotel. We no longer went up to see the view from their famous rooftop given that there was a fee, and that our casual clothing weren't allowed entry in such a setting. Then again, we were no longer allowed to go up since there were also specific hours for the tours.

After MBS, we headed out to see the remarkably lit Helix Bridge. The bridge was literally just beside the hotel, so we got there in just a few minutes. I loved the way it lit up, and how remarkable it felt to be inside it. It was magical.

The Helix Bridge was a beautiful sight. It was also a great place for taking photos, while having the Marina Bay Sands Hotel as your background. I actually took a few photos of myself during the walk, before deciding to drop-by the Merlion Park.

*Captured using only my Nikon P300* 

Seeing the Merlion the second time around was still a happy sight for me, as it made me feel so welcomed in the city.

Since it was getting pretty late for us, we opted to head back home. But since I got hungry along the way, we stopped by Long John Silver for some Fish & Chips. Now, the boys did a little drinking session as soon as we got home. So me and the girls pigged out a little, along with some girly talk before calling it a night. It was definitely a great way to end a long day. Day 4's up next!!!

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