Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shopper's HeAVEN - Singapore's H&M, F21, Cotton ON!

Basically, Day 5 was spent lounging around my in-laws residence. I helped around the house, packed some last minute stuff, and played with the little boys as promised.

I spent most of the day with the family (had one last dinner with them at Causeway Point Shopping Centre) before transferring to my cousin's place at Compassvale. Compassvale was a bit far from Woodlands, and it required a few MRT train transfers. So the whole trip probably took a good hour before I reached my final destination.

I really didn't get to have some girl time with my cousin on my first night with her since she had to take care of her baby girl (my niece was still getting used to me being around). But I was already grateful for the kindness that she and her husband extended to me. My cousin even bribed me with a birthday gift since she couldn't accompany me anywhere. So after a few tug-o-wars with her generous surprise, I finally left for Orchard/Somerset with her "present". I started my shopping tour with some H&M goodies in tow.

It was a bit sad not having them to tour me around Singapore. But going on my own also gave me this liberating feeling. I commuted from one place to another, without having to worry about anyone. 

And after buying a few pieces from the lovely store, I went straight to Cotton On and Forever 21. 

When I finally got tired, I went for some Korean lunch (again!) at the Wisma Atria Mall Food Republic, where I met a nice Filipina waitress. I headed out to Lucky Plaza soon after (went to buy my SIN trinkets), and then went back to the Somerset area for my fill of Gong Cha.

All in all, my solo flight was fun. It was actually a day to remember. It certainly made me feel safe walking on my own in Singapore. It even made me think about relocating! But for now, it's just me dreaming *and thinking out loud!*

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