Universally awesome at Universal Studio's SIngapore!

I went back to Singapore last year (first week of November to be exact). I wanted to treat myself on my birthday, so my boyfriend and I started planning the trip. He was already booked months early for his travel to SIN via PAL, so I decided to join him. But since PAL rates were a bit expensive, I booked via Cebu Pacific. And the fun part about it was that he paid for my ticket as an early birthday gift. Yeah!

Ok so, I had limited funds. But the good part about flying off to SIN is that we both had relatives there. So for the most part of my trip, I stayed with his side. Then I moved to my cousin's house a day after my boyfriend went back to Manila. Anyhow, I won't be blabbering about every minute detail of my wonderful trip. So I'll just break these down to more of its interesting parts.


This was my first time to travel by plane alone. So it was both exciting and scary for me, knowing that it was a 4-hour trip away from home. Nonetheless, I enjoyed flying solo this time around. I even treated myself with some tapa for dinner at one of NAIA3's classy restaurants! Anyhow, Day 1 was spent on the plane, and at the Campos residence. My boyfriend already flew a day early, so he was able to pick me up at the Budget terminal. The cab driver that we got was nice. He was able to bring us in the Woodlands housing area in an hour's time. 


We all slept late, so Rubel and I also woke up late the next day (which ate most of our morning). But after eating brunch with the Campos', both of us immediately rode the next bus going to the Woodlands MRT station. From there, we started our trip to Vivocity. Since we wanted to try the famous Universal Studio, we opted to buy our train tickets at the mall. Soon after, we went down on the Waterfront Station; and from there, started our walkathon. We purchased the Universal Day Pass just so we could experience the whole the park (rides, shows, etc.). 

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) was remarkable. Although it was a small park (in my perspective), my boyfriend and I were still able to enjoy our stay. Despite the rain, we still went on and enjoyed the place.

Moving along, we started our USS tour by riding this roller coaster of sorts, where you're suspended the whole time, leaving only our legs hanging on air. The whole cycle went for at least a minute or so. But if I were to give it a rating, I would rate it 5 out of 5! My head spinned like crazy. Plus my legs wobbled after getting off the ride. I didn't get to take any photos though as video devices weren't allowed, so I had no souvenir of the ride. All the guests were required to not bring in bags and other valuables into the rides, so lockers were offered for free all over the park (free for at least 30 minutes).

After the head-spinning ride, we went around and tried the other areas. We tried the Madagascar ride (just for kids), the Shrek themed roller coaster, and the Mummy ride (which was super scary, super hi-tech, and super cool!). Most of the attractions had so many people lining up, so we opted for the ones that had less guests. Of course, in between rides, we went to grab some grub, and also went snapping more photos. We took photos like a damn tourist all right!

Apart experiencing the crazy rain and the humid weather, we got to experience the famous USS Hollywood After Hours. The show then was about the movie "Underwater World" starring Kevin Costner. It was fun and very interactive. The actors made a really close interaction with the audience, so we expected a lot of surprises. Now, the worst meaning, the actors sprayed water on us using toy guns, and threw lots of water at the audience. Good thing, we were far up the arena, so we were spared from the chaos! 

After USS, and some souvenir shopping, we walked around the Sentosa area. We went around the river before deciding to hop back on the MRT to Holland Village. Holland Village was described by my friend (who was based in Singapore) as Manila's version of Eastwood City. Since we couldn't find any decent place to dine in (the restaurants we wanted to try were mostly packed with yuppies), we opted to eat by the Hawker place nearby. Hawker area's were food centers that offered a variety of cheap food. And since I love spicy food, we bought ourselves some korean meals.

It was pretty late when we ended our food trip by Holland Village, so we decided to head back home. Our Day 3 in Singapore was already plotted out. But then again, that's another story to tell. Stay tuned for the next story though.

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