13 Tourist spots in under 8 hours -- Only in Ilocos Norte (Pagudpud, Burgos, Bangui)

It’s a must to take both the North and South tours when visiting Ilocos Norte. So with that in mind, book early on the services of a tricycle driver/tour guide. They should be able to offer you one tour for only PHP600 (this is already a fixed rate for 2-3 people). And for a great recommendation, stay at Cathy’s Homestay by Saud Beach, and hire Raphie Respicio for his day tours. You can read my recommendation of Kuya Raphie here

Day 1 

Due to unfortunate events, Rubel and I arrived late in the area of Saud. So for our first afternoon there, we just decided to eat our late lunch/dinner at Evangeline’s Beach Resort. It was still drizzling when we finished eating our meals. But we’ve managed to squeeze in some down time by swimming by the beach. We initially thought that the water was going to be cold since it was raining. Surprisingly, it was warm at that time so we stayed for a few more hours before heading back to our lodging. 

Day 2  

S O U T H T O U R 

We left Cathy’s Homestay at exactly 8 am. And then went straight to Pagudpud’s Welcome Arc, which was then followed by a 20-minute ride towards the Bangui View Deck. We stayed here for a while before traveling another 28 minutes to the famous Kapurpurawan Rock Formation site. We actually geared up for the trek, walked the short trail towards the rock formation, and climbed up the Kapurpurawan rocks while Kuya Raphie took countless photos of us hopping from one rock to another.

Our next stop was Cape Bojeador Lighthouse – a 20-minute ride from Kapurpurawan. We were able to stay here for a good 15 minutes. And from this brief tour, we were taken aback with the grand stature of the lighthouse. Sadly the entrance was closed since the officials there wanted to avoid further accidents from happening.

Anyway, the trip from the lighthouse to the Bangui Windmills took us about 25 minutes on the road. So upon setting foot on the windmill farm, Rubel and I started posing for the camera yet again. A few of these minutes were allotted just staring at these white, majestic sources of renewable energy. I loved the windmills so much that I ended up buying several miniature replicas of it.

N O R T H  T O U R 

Our north tour started with a 30-minute trek towards Kabigan Falls (it took us 40 minutes to get to this point just coming from the area of Bangui). The rainy trek with our tour guide really killed my legs. Nonetheless, it was an exhilarating experience, especially when we finally gained sight of the majestic falls! And eventhough the water from it was icy cold, we still managed to take a 5-minute dip to relieve our aching feet and legs. The rain actually stopped right when we were heading back to the Kabigan HQ.  

A trip to Patapat Viaduct came next (only 20 minutes away from Kabigan). We were able to take only a few photos since there were vehicles passing by. We just opted to continue admiring the bridge right after checking out Paraiso ni Anton and Agua Grande

Patapat Viaduct
Paraiso ni Anton
Agua Grande Park

We no longer stayed in both of these places. But instead, just took photos. We left immediately for two more famous tourist spots: the Timmangtang Rock and Bantay Abot Cave. We stayed here for a bit as Kuya Raphie was telling us a story of how both rocks were said to have been past lovers –-- now isolated from each other. :)

Bantay Abot Cave

Our last destination was Blue Lagoon. We stayed here for a good two hours before heading back to Saud Beach. So to help kill time, we swam by the beach while waiting for our paluto (cooking service). 

Blue Lagoon Beach

What/Where To Eat 

If you’re staying at Saud beach, make sure to try Evangeline’s Beach Resort's EMOHROU BEACH RESTOBAR and order a delicious and healthy platter of Buffalo Chicken Salad. But if you’re staying at Blue Lagoon beach, try having a few of your meals cooked at Mekeni De Iloco Cooking. You should order their flavorful Grilled Squid, Adobong Squid and a platter of their fresh Ensaladang Talong. You can check our review of their food here.

Where to go 

Play with the waves of Saud beach in the afternoon, especially right after your day tour. The strong waves may be a bit startling, so also swim with caution. 


The 4th longest bridge in the Philippines can be found in Pagudpud – the Patapat Viaduct. Really glad to have taken a few of my pictures there! :)

Get your street-smart tips here! 

Make sure that you’re geared up for both water and land activities (wearing a pair of Aqua shoes and bringing a Dry Sack may come in handy). Both tours will certainly require some trekking and swimming, so it’s best to come prepared.

If you're coming from Vigan, the only way to go to Pagudpud is to ride the bus from Laoag (you can ride the Partas Bus for only Php133/person). So from Laoag, ask to be dropped at the Pagudpud Terminal, as several ordinary buses alight from this station. Also, going to Pagudpud will only cost you Php60/way.

Anyhow.. here's our 5-day TRAVEL EXPENSE SHEET. Hope it helps with one of your future trips in Ilocos. :)


Explore & Be Free!

*Cathy's Homestay, Saud, Pagudpud
Look for Cathy Respicio 
(63) 919-5716680

*Raphie Respicio
Tour Guide/Tricycle Driver
(63) 905-7256500
(63) 929-1462505

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  1. fun! I was watching kristv kanina. grabe I wanna travel in ilocos din! Rich in culture and daming pwede puntahan! Love the photos!

  2. Seems having much fun! I'll wait for your Laoag post... :D

  3. Hi sis! yes, you should definitely go. :) pwedeng road trip or via plane. Samin nag plane kami to laoag, Tapos nagtransfer ng bus to laoag-vigan-pagudpud. :)

  4. Thanks sis! Will write my Laoag post real soon! :) Thanks for visiting Budget Biyahera. :)

  5. Pagudpud,,, yes I've been there and yes it's such a nice place to go. Though it took us 13 hours from manila still we did enjoy the trip 'coz it's worth the long travel... :D

  6. Oh, my 13 hours! The last time I did a trip that was that long (Manila to Naga City), I just slept all throughout. :) But of course, if the destination was Pagudpud, the tiring-butt-aching trip will surely be worth the wait. :)

  7. Haven't been in the Ilocos Norte and Pagudpud. I should have done this when I was still based in Baguio.

  8. Wow! Your pictures of Mother Nature all looked amazing. Somehow I wish I can travel to one serene place at least in every three months. :)

  9. I found the beach so great, even if it doesn't have that powdery like white sands.. wish to vist the place some time soon

  10. Pagudpud.. sounds an inviting and great place to visit.
    I'm sure with these nice photos, it would inspire to write something better

  11. Waaaa. Eight hours may never be enough for me to visit 13 spots. Probably not even two or three days. I hope I could do a Pagudpud tour when my daughter grows old enough (for traveling).

  12. Our team went to Pagudpud last year, but they only got see saud beach, bantay abot cave and kaibigan falls. It means we have a love of reason to go back. :)

  13. 13 tourists spot for 8 hours??? WOW! sis your travel is so amazing. And for 5 days/4 nights you have a gross expense of PHp 17, 926 almost 20k. Not that bad as long as you are with your partner parang honeymoon narin. ^_^

  14. omg paraiso ni anton looks so nice! ang gaganda ng pictures and ang sweet din ng mga pictures! ang aga ng valentines dito hihi

  15. Da best talaga ang Rock Formations dito Mai :) And the falls adds interest. Never been to any province in the North addition na naman to bakit kating-kati ang paa ko mag North Luzon- ganda Mai :)

  16. wow look at those rock formations.. i wish i can visit Pagudpud in the future..

  17. The rock formation never ceases to amaze me. My favourite of course compared to other sights around. But still, paradise parin lahat.

  18. parang namasyal lang ako sa home province ko. I am from Cabugao and each time I went vaction, hindi pwedeng hindi kami maligo sa Pagudpud beach. Yung Paraiso ni Anton, I will definitely visit it next summer.

  19. under 8 hours? i think i'd rather stay a little while savoring the beauty of these places :)

  20. I love the rock formation the windmills, and the bantay abot cave

  21. it's really nice to see how nature makes its own sculptures and landscape... ganda. you're lucky to have time to visit these places. Yahweh bless.

  22. good read, wow, 8 hours must have left you wanting for more :)

  23. I plan to go back (not anytime soon though). Sabay kana sakin if ever.. :)

  24. Guided tour naman, and at your own pace naman ang pagbisita ng bawat site. :)

  25. Thank you for recognizing ate Marri! :)

  26. Indeed! More reasons to visit Pagudpud and the nearby municipalities. :)

  27. Mag-North trip kana soon, Jeffrey! :)

  28. Why not? Travel na to Pagudpud! :)

  29. Do share your travel story soon, tay! :)

  30. We were able to do that din naman. :) We allotted another day for relaxation. :)

  31. No time and no budget. When I travel, I want to go with my entire family. We're four. I cannot afford that luxury for now because I have other priorities.

  32. It's always good to stick by your priorities. That should come first. Pag makaluwag kana, I'm sure makakaTravel ka na din with your whole family. :)


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