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4 Reasons why we love Raymen Beach Resort, Guimaras

If you decide to stay by Alubihod beach, then you should definitely stay at Raymen Beach Resort. I highly recommend their resort mainly for their courteous staff and readily available facilities. To help convince you more, let me show you how we found Raymen as a nice and well-equipped resort.

Rubel's winning shot! :)

#1: The Cafeteria

Since we wanted to eat a nice breakfast on our first day in Guimaras, we immediately asked our resort if they were offering hot meals. But to make the long story short, we just ended up eating at Raymen's -- a few walks away from our lodging at Alobijod Cove.

It was a blessing in disguise being swept into that direction. Not only were they fast in serving our orders (10 minutes tops), the food attendants were also courteous (except for this cranky-looking crew cashier) even after they finding out that we weren't guests from their resort.

Not only were the waiters & waitresses nice and attentive, most of the food that we ordered from them were also very tasty. So should you eat there, make sure to try their Tapsilog, Pancit and Mango Shake!

#2: The Staff

One more thing that I loved about Raymen's staff is that they never failed to greet us. You will surely get a 'Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening' and a 'Hello' wherever you are in the resort (based on our experience). And whenever we had concerns with our room, they would always send someone to repair things immediately. They were that accommodating.

#3: Our Room

Our room (priced at P1350) was smaller compared to our room in Alobijod Cove. But it was certainly a better lodging. Our room was on the 2nd floor and was perfectly located near the Cafeteria, where the wifi signal was the strongest. Given that, I was able to surf on the internet anytime in our room.

I also rejoiced with the fact that we finally had some hot water rushing from our shower! Not only that, we were also given free shampoo and soap (although we didn't get to use any).

Aside from the freebies, we were also provided with fresh, new towels. Our room also had a shelf mounted on the wall, where we placed some of our stuff. Our comfy haven was also equipped with an AC unit, a comfy bed and a night lamp.

#4: The Beach

The shoreline of Alubihod isn't as long compared to Boracay's or Bohol's. But it was still a gem in my eyes. The view was spectacular, as you'll be able to see the nearby islands from the clean and well-maintained beach. Apart from that, the sand was also white and fine. You may experience some rocks on the shallow part of the beach. But you'll soon reach a finer ground after a few steps. The water then was also warm despite the constant drizzle in Guimaras.

Compared to the other resorts nearby, Raymen had a 'string/rope' floating and bordering its beach premise (just like a safety net). A lifeguard station is also situated at their beachfront, where an actual lifeguard keeps watch during the day. 

All in all, our overnight stay in Raymen's was worth every penny spent. I will definitely stay there again when I visit the island soon.

How about you? Have you been to Raymen's recently?

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Raymen Beach Resort
Sitio Alubihod, Nueva Valencia, 
Guimaras 5046, Philippines
Contact #: (63) 918-5207271 / (63) 927-5605107
Landline #: (033) 582-1456 to 57 / 396-0252 / 396-0248
Contact Person: Ma. Fe or Ferolyn Jane

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