Food + Travel: Dining at Cafe Leona, Vigan City

I've heard about Cafe Leona from several blogs that I follow. And most of them have had great reviews of the restaurant. I, on the other hand, would have to be on the neutral side of things. The famed restaurant by Calle Crisologo was a tourist site on its own. But I wouldn't really rave so much about their food -- or at least, with the ones that we ordered that night. 

With our good friend, and co-travel/food blogger friend Edmar. 

We ordered Cafe Leona's version of Pinakbet and also ordered a platter of Longganisa and fried rice. Now, looking at the food and presentation already didn't look that appetizing (you be the judge). Yet we gave it a chance to please our taste buds still. 

An order of Vigan's specialty: Longaniza Php125 
Cafe Leona Fried Rice Php65/order 
An order of Vigan's specialty: Pinakbet Php150 

Ok, so the taste was so-so. And if I were to compare it to Kusina Felicitas personal 5-star rating, Cafe Leona's viands would only get 3 out of 5 stars. On a lighter note, should I visit Vigan in the near future, I could probably try Cafe Leona again for their other specialties. For now, Kusina Felicitas is still the winner! :)

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  1. Delicious food :) I love longganisa :) It would be nice to visit vigan and also enjoy the tasty local cuisine :)


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